13 Boo-tiful Ideas for Halloween Decor!

It’s October, boys and girls, and Halloween is fast approaching.  Have you started decorating yet?  I thought maybe we could use a little Halloween decor inspiration, so I gathered up a few ideas and I’m sharing them with you today! Halloween decor ranges anywhere from spooky to silly, so it’s easy to find ideas to fit with your theme.  It’s also easier to use what you have, because a little black paint or a few cobwebs (real or fake–it’s all {Read More}

Monday Money Tip: Raid the Pantry!

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to save money is to cook at home?  Did you also know that in order to save more money, you should use up what you have before you buy a bunch more?  Today’s Monday Money Tip is…raid the pantry! We have a really bad habit of opening the fridge or cabinets and only seeing ingredients.  Then we grab the keys and either go to the grocery for a bunch of junk {Read More}

What Will You Leave Behind You?

There is a song that says, “It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it’s what you leave behind you when you go.” What are you leaving behind? Have you thought about that? There are but a few things that are definite in this life and dying is one of them.  When or how may not be carved in stone, but none of us are getting out of here alive. Physical objects won’t matter.  You won’t {Read More}

Fabulous Fall DIY Round-Up

Children, it’s been hotter than blue blazes out there, but Fall is officially here and the weather will cool down before we know it!  Knowing this has me dreaming of big bowls of Potato Soup, mums on the front porch, and all things pumpkin.  It is almost time to get some autumn on.  : ) Even though I have a lot of front porch projects that I never got finished this summer, I am ready to do some fall decorating.  Y’all {Read More}

Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida

It surely has been a whirlwind week for the That One Mom household.  I don’t mean that in a we-were-so-busy-we-couldn’t-see-straight way.  I mean it in the-week-went-by-too-fast sort of way!  Part of the family got to spend a week in beautiful Perdido Key, Florida…and man, was it glorious!   I know it seems an odd time of year to take a beach vacation (school has already started back most everywhere), but we just weren’t able to fit one in during the {Read More}

That One Mom’s Weekly Wrap Up–Beach Week

Welcome to the first ever That One Mom Weekly Wrap Up!  This is where we catch up on what we’ve all been doing and have a chance to recommend new things!  I know, I know…I’ve been horribly absent and inconsistent lately.  Trying to get ready for vacation has been time consuming and I’m also having some physical problems that make it hard to sit at the computer and type for long.  I’ve lost a lot of my grip strength too, so {Read More}

All About Me Month: Why I Blog

Hi everybody!!  I’ve decided that there are some things about me that just don’t fit in with my regular type of blog post (i.e., recipes, decor, holidays, etc.), but I still want to share them.  Therefore, I’m declaring September my “About Me Month”!!  This lets me share new things about myself and also gives me something extra to write about!  To kick it all off, I’m going to share with you exactly why it is that I blog.  This is {Read More}

Have You Thought About Starting a Blog?

“Have you thought about starting a blog?”  I’ve heard those words before.  And I had thought about it…so I did it.  I thought it would be simple and easy and I could just write all day long and propel myself to blogging glory. Blogging is not quite simple and easy. It’s actually hard work.  It’s rarely just writing a few paragraphs and hitting the “publish” button.  There is the writing, the editing, the graphics, the marketing, the networking, the maintenance, the {Read More}

Why I Am Choosing To Forgive the Person Who Said a Cruel Thing About My Child

Both of my boys have birthdays soon.  I will only have one teenager left after that.  I have grown children.  And I can’t always protect them. Shamefully, that has always been the case.  Oh, we have all done our best to make sure they were physically safe.  Emotionally, I couldn’t always be there to protect them from other people and their thoughtless words or actions.  That’s normal.  I know that.  We all have to learn to fix our own problems {Read More}

We Have a Winner for the Clear the Clutter Challenge $25 Gift Card Giveaway!!

Shew!  We finally have a winner for the $25 Clear the Clutter Challenge Giveaway! Congratulations to Gretchen L.  Hope you buy some great organizational tools with that gift card…or just spend it on something good!! Come back and visit soon.  You just never know what might be going on at That One Mom!