It’s Almost February? Well, Happy New Year!

It’s almost February.  Seriously??  2016 is already flying by and once again, I’m behind.  Story of my life…

I hadn’t intended to go so long without checking in.  I had all kinds of great ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I had tons of recipes and crafts and mom tips on my calendar for January.  I apologize.

There was a minute or two when I thought about giving up my little blog forever.  I just couldn’t do it.  I was so stressed about everything in the month of December that I developed this knot in my shoulder.  I could deal with that, but it was causing me to have these horrendous headaches.  Thank goodness for my sister–who is not a masseuse, but should be!  She was able to work most of it out and then after Christmas was over, it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  It made me sad really.  Christmas has always been my favorite.  : (

So again, it’s almost February.  I’ve ignored the blog for far too long, but that is going to change–starting today!  I would love it if you would give me another chance and follow along with the craziness that goes on around here.  I would also love it if you would give me ideas of the things you would like to read about or questions that you have.  You can comment here, email me, or post on the Facebook page.

And oh yeah…Happy New Year!  Let’s get this thing started (over)!!

It's Almost February?  Well, Happy New Year!