Why I Am Choosing To Forgive the Person Who Said a Cruel Thing About My Child

Both of my boys have birthdays soon.  I will only have one teenager left after that.  I have grown children.  And I can’t always protect them. Shamefully, that has always been the case.  Oh, we have all done our best to make sure they were physically safe.  Emotionally, I couldn’t always be there to protect them from other people and their thoughtless words or actions.  That’s normal.  I know that.  We all have to learn to fix our own problems {Read More}

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary Without Breaking the Bank!!

The Super Trooper and I have an anniversary coming up (21 big years) and although it would be nice to do something really romantic (like a cruise), money is a little tight and I’ve already agreed that he can buy new tires for his truck!  Honestly, it seems like we celebrate in different ways every year.  We’ve done everything from weekend trips to nice dinners out to not even seeing one another because somebody had to work or was out-of-town (by {Read More}

What Could We Accomplish If We Were Never Afraid?

  That’s a pretty big question.  What could we accomplish if we were never afraid?  I imagine the bigger question is, what couldn’t we?!? My babies are all just about grown up on me now.  I don’t know that I ever imagined that.  I suppose I imagined them to be babies or little children or even pimply middle-schoolers forever.  (And just for clarification, they will always be babies in my heart!)  There have been so many things that I wanted to {Read More}

Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl!

My babies keep growing up on me.  On the one hand, it’s incredibly sad.  On the other, they are such good people and so much fun–makes a momma proud! My baby-baby is having a birthday today.  She is the big 14!  It seems like just yesterday that she was born.  As a matter of fact, I was telling her stories about the day she was born earlier (not anything that would be gross to a 14-year-old) and we both realized {Read More}

Happy 20th Anniversary To My Special Guy…20 Reasons Why I Love You!

The Super Trooper and I are celebrating twenty years of wedded bliss…today! In my dream world, we would whisk one another away to some tropical locale complete with beachside waitstaff and lots of alone time. Sadly, the real world and my dream world rarely coincide. For this 20th Wedding Anniversary, we will be watching our daughter’s last middle school Spring Concert and having a dinner that will either consist of something I pick up at the drive-thru on the way {Read More}

Once Upon a Time…

    Once Upon a Time… There was a princess. She loved books and music and was possessed of a great beauty …that shone from within. She liked to explore the world. Sometimes she grew weary. And stopped to rest. But she never feared the darkness, For she knew that the light shines brightest in the dark. *Thank you to my own beautiful princess for always allowing me to share your stories.  And thank you to my wonderful sister for allowing me {Read More}

The Importance of Giving (and Receiving) With a Cheerful Heart

The Importance of Giving (and Receiving) With a Cheerful Heart I started off the Holiday Season like a whirlwind.  I had big dreams and plans and calendars full of ideas.  Now, Christmas Day has come and gone and my big plans fizzled out before we even got there. Truthfully, they didn’t all just die out.  Some of them, I let go on their merry way just because I couldn’t be faced with finishing them.  I stalled and restarted and then {Read More}

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Sister!

The day is winding down and I need to make an announcement:  It’s my sister’s birthday!  She may or may not want me announcing it on my blog, but I figure there’s no use of having this thing if I can’t use it shamelessly on occasion. My sister and I are really close in age, but as far as siblings go, we are almost polar opposites.  It works though, because I can count on one hand the amount of fights we {Read More}

Happy 18th Birthday Sunshine Boy!!

It’s funny how you can remember some things like it was yesterday and can’t remember things that happened yesterday at all!! On this day, eighteen years ago, we welcomed another beautiful-bundle-of-baby-boyness into the world!!  I remember parts of it well (although parts of it I may have blocked out), because just three days prior we had been celebrating our first-born’s first birthday.  Even though my due date was well over a week away, my mantra for the day was, “Please {Read More}

Happy 19th Birthday Funny Bubby!

My oldest child informed me last night that he was almost 20 years old.  I informed him that he needed to be saving some money, as I was married at age 20 and it was time for him to move out and get his own place! I was just teasing, of course.  It really won’t bother me if they want to stay here with me for a long time yet. And also, “almost 20” is overreaching a bit.  His birthday {Read More}