Give My Regards To Broadway!!

One of my dreams growing up was to someday perform on Broadway.  Obviously, I didn’t achieve that dream, but I never really had the confidence or the determination to do it! I’m not sure if it’s from hearing me say I wanted to do that or if it’s from always sharing my love of musicals with my children, but my daughter has been saying for several years now that she would like to be a Broadway star.  I don’t ever {Read More}

Happy Birthday Spizzie!!

It’s official…I am now the proud mother of three teenagers!!  I just hope Spizzie is as easy to deal with as her brothers have been (most of the time)!! I like to tell the story that we discussed not having any more children in August and in September, I said “Surprise!!!”  And what a surprise she was.  There are just not enough words to tell you how much I love this girl.  There are times when we are practically glued {Read More}

This Is What Beautiful Looks Like: A Microtia Story

All too often, we see people by what they are on the outside and forget that there is a whole person on the inside who is infinitely more important than just what they look like.  And sometimes, we don’t see what they consider flaws and imperfections or if we see them, we forget about them after a while. My son has microtia.  Have you ever heard of that?  I hadn’t either until he was born.  In the simplest of explanations, {Read More}

If She Says There Are Mermaids…

  My daughter loves mermaids. I know I talk about her a lot and I don’t want you to think my boys are not equally as important to me.  This really isn’t completely about any one particular child of mine.  Please be patient with me. Again, my daughter loves mermaids.  When she was about 8-years-old we took a trip to the beach and she spent much of her time staring out into the waves in deep concentration.  I really didn’t {Read More}

Happy Birthday Sunshine Boy!!!

Today, my Sunshine Boy turns 17. I know what you’re thinking…”Didn’t one of her kids just have a birthday?”  Yep.  He did.  Three days ago to be exact!  We didn’t exactly plan it that way.  Our plan was to have our kids about 18 months apart and probably only have two.  (Emotionally, I wanted more.  Financially, I knew it wasn’t a good idea!)  God had other plans for us, however, and I don’t mind it one bit!! So our boys {Read More}

Happy Birthday Funny Bubby!!!!

Today, my very first baby turned 18.  It’s funny how some days seem to drag on, but the years completely fly by.  Sometimes my arms literally ache to hold those sweet babies again.  Or maybe it’s my heart that’s aching. At any rate, my children are three very amazing people and I’m so proud of them.  I know that they are all going to be equally amazing as adults…and somebody has got to go first!! So Happy 18th Birthday Funny {Read More}

With This Ring…Twenty Things To Know About Marriage

With This Ring…Twenty Things To Know About Marriage  I have been married for a long time (eighteen years to be exact).  Sometimes it seems like we’ve only just started our lives together and sometimes it seems like we’ve been together for centuries.  And in Hollywood years, we probably have been!! The months of April through July seem to be rife with romance.  And just judging from the people I know, late spring and early summer are VERY popular months for {Read More}