All About Me Month: Why I Blog

Hi everybody!!  I’ve decided that there are some things about me that just don’t fit in with my regular type of blog post (i.e., recipes, decor, holidays, etc.), but I still want to share them.  Therefore, I’m declaring September my “About Me Month”!!  This lets me share new things about myself and also gives me something extra to write about!  To kick it all off, I’m going to share with you exactly why it is that I blog.  This is {Read More}

Have You Thought About Starting a Blog?

“Have you thought about starting a blog?”  I’ve heard those words before.  And I had thought about it…so I did it.  I thought it would be simple and easy and I could just write all day long and propel myself to blogging glory. Blogging is not quite simple and easy. It’s actually hard work.  It’s rarely just writing a few paragraphs and hitting the “publish” button.  There is the writing, the editing, the graphics, the marketing, the networking, the maintenance, the {Read More}

Why I Am Choosing To Forgive the Person Who Said a Cruel Thing About My Child

Both of my boys have birthdays soon.  I will only have one teenager left after that.  I have grown children.  And I can’t always protect them. Shamefully, that has always been the case.  Oh, we have all done our best to make sure they were physically safe.  Emotionally, I couldn’t always be there to protect them from other people and their thoughtless words or actions.  That’s normal.  I know that.  We all have to learn to fix our own problems {Read More}

We Have a Winner for the Clear the Clutter Challenge $25 Gift Card Giveaway!!

Shew!  We finally have a winner for the $25 Clear the Clutter Challenge Giveaway! Congratulations to Gretchen L.  Hope you buy some great organizational tools with that gift card…or just spend it on something good!! Come back and visit soon.  You just never know what might be going on at That One Mom!

Subscriber Freebies and a Great Big Apology!!

It came to my attention during my giveaway that most people have not been able to access the subscriber freebies.  I am so very, very, very (did I say very?) sorry!!! We can probably chalk it up to my lack of computer skill and inability to triple check.  Again, I’m so sorry. It should all be fixed now and if anyone still has the email with the link that asks for a password, it is YAY4FREE.  I think I have {Read More}

What I Learned From My “Clear the Clutter” Challenge + a Giveaway

Well, it’s over.  Done.  Finished.  I worked on clearing the clutter for 30 days and I wrote about it for slightly longer (because I’m slow).  Today I want to make a little confession and invite you to enter my $25 Amazon eGift card giveaway! My Clear the Clutter Confession Here it is:  I’m not finished.  Yep.  That’s right.  It was just too much stuff to try to clear in 30 days.  Maybe if I were more gung-ho or had more {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 30: Finish Up or Start Over!

This is the last day in the 30 Day Clear the Clutter Challenge.  Can you even believe it?!?  Challenge Day 30 is dedicated to finishing up or starting over! Honestly, I thought for sure I would want to take a major break (think years) from all of this decluttering, but I’m really just starting to get into it.  I guess it’s because I’m finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel!  (And also because I am rewarding {Read More}

Beach On a Budget: Fun and Entertainment!

There are some things that continue to surprise me over and over.  Did you know that there are people who don’t enjoy going to the beach just for the sake of going to the beach?  I never realized this until I was an adult and I was speaking with other adults about vacation.  More than one said, “The beach is boring.  There’s nothing to do.”  Whaaaaaaat?????  Obviously, their idea of fun and entertainment is different from mine! To me, the {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 29: Magazines and Paper Scraps

The truth is, I love magazines and journals and all things paper.  I am a total sucker for pretty decorated pages.  I make no apologies.  But I get a little queasy every time I see one of those pest control commercials that emphasizes how much cockroaches love paper and cardboard.  That’s why Challenge Day 29 is dedicated to getting rid of the magazines and paper scraps. Now I’m not saying they all have to go, just that the supply needs {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 28: All the Pretty Little Decorations…

It should be no secret to anyone in this world that I have a slight obsession with Christmas decorations.  Challenge Day 28 is dedicated to cleaning out all of those pretty decorations. Now, decorations are not exclusive to Christmas and can include anything from holidays, party decor, knick knacks, brick a brack, every day household decor, or anything anyone uses on any occasion to make things look pretty.  Call it what you will–it’s still a decoration! Most of us have {Read More}