If She Says There Are Mermaids…

  My daughter loves mermaids. I know I talk about her a lot and I don’t want you to think my boys are not equally as important to me.  This really isn’t completely about any one particular child of mine.  Please be patient with me. Again, my daughter loves mermaids.  When she was about 8-years-old we took a trip to the beach and she spent much of her time staring out into the waves in deep concentration.  I really didn’t {Read More}

Mommy’s Little Ghoul: Halloween Costume Made Easy!

We were invited to Trick or Treat at the lake last night.  Spizzie wanted to go, but she declared she was too old to ask for candy and would just hand it out instead…she said she still needed to dress up though! My sister suggested she go as a little dead girl and even gave her tips, such as “sing a children’s song in a childish voice,” “point at the woods and shake your head,” and drag a headless baby {Read More}

Halloween Costume Ideas

I’ve been really neglectful of my blog this week.  The kiddos were on Fall Break and everyone was off work for a couple of days, plus Funny Bubby came home for the weekend.  Of course, we didn’t really do anything, but it was so nice just to sleep in and be a little lazy! The Super Trooper and I were supposed to go to an adults-only Halloween party this weekend, but we opted to stay home with the kids.  I {Read More}

Wickedly Witch-y Halloween Porch

Well boys and girls, it’s October already!  Can you even believe how fast this year is flying by?  I think it’s because I haven’t wanted it to be over so soon.  Lots and lots of changes in our household this year…this growing up business has been a little heartbreaking for me! Anyway, October is here.  And while I’m starting to make plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I still feel the need to celebrate Halloween a little.  Any holiday that encourages {Read More}

Getting Ready for Halloween: Porch Ideas

  I have decided to decorate my porch this week–after I clean up all the mess that this stray cat has made all over it.  I was going to wait until mid-November and start getting it ready for Christmas, but I’ve pinned some of the cutest Halloween ideas and it’s driving me nuts not to try them!!  So I am going to go ahead and decorate for Halloween and then I will do something simple for Thanksgiving.  After that, it {Read More}