Monday Money Tip: Raid the Pantry!

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to save money is to cook at home?  Did you also know that in order to save more money, you should use up what you have before you buy a bunch more?  Today’s Monday Money Tip is…raid the pantry! We have a really bad habit of opening the fridge or cabinets and only seeing ingredients.  Then we grab the keys and either go to the grocery for a bunch of junk {Read More}

Beach On a Budget: Fun and Entertainment!

There are some things that continue to surprise me over and over.  Did you know that there are people who don’t enjoy going to the beach just for the sake of going to the beach?  I never realized this until I was an adult and I was speaking with other adults about vacation.  More than one said, “The beach is boring.  There’s nothing to do.”  Whaaaaaaat?????  Obviously, their idea of fun and entertainment is different from mine! To me, the {Read More}

Beach on a Budget: Menu Ideas and Food Savings

Welcome back to the 2nd installment of Beach on a Budget!  Today, we will be concentrating on menu ideas and how to save money on food. Trust me when I say I know that no one really wants to go on vacation and cook, but sometimes you have to make a few small sacrifices in order to save a little money.  Plus, it saves time on running out to get meals or bringing carry out back to your vacation home/hotel/campsite {Read More}

Beach on a Budget: Travel and Accommodations

My short trip to the beach with my sister earlier this year only added to the craving for a long family vacation.  It doesn’t really matter when and I’m negotiable on the where.  I do prefer an ocean view if at all possible.  Basically, I just want to go back to the beach! I don’t know about you all, but when I travel with my family, we have to predetermine where most of our money will go.  In the spirit of that, {Read More}

Monday Money Tip: Replace Your Dryer Sheets

Sometimes the ability to save money is born out of desperation!  That’s the case with this Monday Money Tip I’m sharing today! We ran out of dryer sheets at the That One Mom household and it was one of those days when I absolutely refused to drive to town to buy more.  The only problem with that is I forgot to write it on the list and therefore, forgot to stop and get any every time I drove by the {Read More}

Monday Money Tip: Shop at Aldi

It’s time for a brand new feature at That One Mom:  Monday Money Tips!  I’m always looking for new ways to save money and I thought maybe you would be interested in a few too. For the longest time, my focus was on providing food for a family of five that not only wouldn’t take everything we earned, but that the kids would actually eat.  (When two out of three are picky eaters, it can be difficult!)  I discovered Aldi {Read More}

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary Without Breaking the Bank!!

The Super Trooper and I have an anniversary coming up (21 big years) and although it would be nice to do something really romantic (like a cruise), money is a little tight and I’ve already agreed that he can buy new tires for his truck!  Honestly, it seems like we celebrate in different ways every year.  We’ve done everything from weekend trips to nice dinners out to not even seeing one another because somebody had to work or was out-of-town (by {Read More}

More Ways To Earn Extra Christmas Cash or Jump-Start Your New Year Savings!

One thing a lot of people seem to be working toward this year is a debt-free holiday season.  There are a lot of ways to earn extra Christmas cash and I’ve actually already covered a few in my 10 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Christmas Cash post.  Here are just a few more: TopCashBack–I actually forgot I had even used this program.  I found my username and password on a random piece of paper and thought I would login just for kicks! {Read More}

Need Money for Christmas? 10 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Holiday Cash!

Is anyone else slightly shocked that it’s already October?!?  Since it happens every year, it shouldn’t be surprising…it just seems so sudden! And the scariest part isn’t that it’s actually October, but that we are now so close to Christmas and there is so very little in my Christmas savings account.  Yikes. I had great plans for our Christmas savings this year.  I saved faithfully for six months.  The balance was looking so nice. Then life happened.  My husband lost {Read More}

House and Money 2015: Organizing Everything! (Plus a Savings Plan Printable)

This is the year I get everything organized.  Absolutely.  Everything. My house is a mess.  Every room is swiftly turning into a catch-all room.  And the finances.  Well, they need organizing too. Not to mention my blog, my health, and my mind!  I’m not sure there’s any help for my mind though.  Except that I remember reading somewhere that “Clutter confuses the mind and a confused mind shuts down.”  If I don’t get this stuff under control, I may very well {Read More}