10 Tips for Saving at the Grocery Store (Even If You Don’t Want To Use Coupons)

Let’s face it:  Grocery shopping is just not that much fun!  If you enjoy it, I salute you, but I can’t say I know anyone who has ever said, “I just love to grocery shop!”  It gets really tedious trying to figure out what to feed your family that is both good for them AND budget-friendly.  Plus, with food prices going up every day, you get less and less bang for your buck! I love a good bargain and I {Read More}

I’m Making a Financial Plan. Well, I’m Trying To…

In an effort to better myself financially, I recently picked up a book at the library called The Money Saving Mom’s Budget.  It had some great tips and tricks, but the thing I liked most of all was an idea she had about how to set your goals.  One of the things it starts with is to ask yourself a question and then brainstorm about it. The question is:  Where do I want to be financially, five years from now?  {Read More}