Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 27: Fridge & Freezer Clean Out!

We are getting closer and closer to the end of our 30 Day Challenge!  Challenge Day 27 is all about that dreaded refrigerator and freezer.  You all know what I’m talking about.  We not only have to clean it out, we might even have to defrost it.  Yay. This post contains an affiliate link.  That One Mom is an Amazon Affiliate and as always, you are under no obligation to click on the link or make a purchase.  Also as {Read More}

This Little Piggy Went To Market…

So I let my blog fall completely by the wayside again.  I’m so bad. I always have an excuse…they just aren’t always good ones!!!  This time, Super Trooper was out of town and I was trying to get ready for my own trip. My bestie took me to Market in Atlanta again.  I really needed some time away and even though it wasn’t the beach, we always have a fun time together. I’m not normally much of a people watcher {Read More}

I’m Perfectly Capable of Doubting Myself. I Don’t Need Anyone Else To Help Me.

  During a recent conversation with a friend, I mentioned that I had taken up exercising again.  She immediately said, “It won’t work.”  Then she realized that what she had been thinking had actually come out of her mouth and tried to smooth it over.  I’m used to her opinions, so I just pretended like I didn’t hear it at all and went on with my conversation. The next day, I was doing said exercises (videos—because I can’t afford the {Read More}

No Bread In the Basket: One Family’s Tale of Survival Without Snow Day French Toast

  There are some things that everyone should know about me.  One of those is:  I don’t panic at the thought of being snowed in.  At least, not as long as there is electricity or some sort of heat source.  And running out of food is not usually an option here.  Despite how many times my children utter the words, “we have nothing to eat,” there is always something to eat. However, after the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s holidays, the pickings were {Read More}

It’s Almost Fall Y’all!!

This weather is killing me.  It’s gloomy and rainy and we haven’t had a full week of sunshine in I-don’t-know-when!  We’ve had so much rain that I’ve noticed there are little bits of mildew on the porch siding and I just washed that thing in May.  I’m really not excited about having to do it again. But I will add it to my growing list of things to do, because I am excited about decorating my porch this year.  I {Read More}

With This Ring…Twenty Things To Know About Marriage

With This Ring…Twenty Things To Know About Marriage  I have been married for a long time (eighteen years to be exact).  Sometimes it seems like we’ve only just started our lives together and sometimes it seems like we’ve been together for centuries.  And in Hollywood years, we probably have been!! The months of April through July seem to be rife with romance.  And just judging from the people I know, late spring and early summer are VERY popular months for {Read More}

Pinterest: I Might Be An Addict.

Hello.  My name is Beth and I am a Pinterest addict. Seriously.  I have spent almost four hours today alternating between catching up on my laundry and pinning new things.  Right now, I’m actually feeling a little nauseous from all of the ideas spinning around in my head! But all of this got me thinking:  Is being a Pinterest addict such a bad thing? I suppose if you spent all of your time (free or not) on Pinterest and never {Read More}

When I Grow Up…

It’s funny how your child’s upcoming high school graduation makes you reflect on so many things.  You would think I would be so busy that I wouldn’t have time to think at all!  Honestly, I don’t have a lot of time, but these thoughts keep creeping in anyway.  I’m trying to focus on the less stressful of these at the moment, which is “what am I going to be when I grow up.” There are so many little memories and {Read More}

10 Super Songs for Summer!!!

  Ah sweet summertime. Just the sound of the word evokes images of warmth.  And boy, am I looking forward to warmth!  (And a little more constant sunlight.) I’m so incredibly tired of dreary weather.  We’ve had so much rain that our normally soggy yard is downright swampy.  It will take a couple of good weeks of straight sunshine to dry it out.  And don’t even get me started on how depressing it is to look up and see gray {Read More}