Summertime Corn Salad

Ah, sweet summertime…when the weather is hot and the tomatoes are delicious.  I’m not really sure if it’s the sunshine or the dirt or what, but the flavor just can’t be beat.  Really and truly, there is just nothing like food fresh from the garden–no matter what kind it is! When summer rolls around, I start dreaming about a simple Summertime Corn Salad that my aunt used to make and bring to cookouts.  Although, it works fine in cooler weather, it’s {Read More}

Off To the Races: Fabulously Popular Foods for the Kentucky Derby!

I’m not sure if y’all know this, but there is an itsy bitsy horse race coming up this weekend.  It’s called the Kentucky Derby…maybe you’ve heard of it? Now normally we would spend the day snacking on yummies and watching every second of coverage just to see if we know anyone there and which horses we want to claim as our own.  However, this year, Spizzie and I will be out-of-town celebrating her birthday (yay!) and everyone else will be {Read More}

Three Meat Cassoulet

Do you start craving soups and stews when the weather starts cooling off?  I admit that I don’t think it’s ever too hot for soup, but my husband disagrees.  Fortunately for me, the weather has been gloomy and cool and it’s a perfect time for this Three Meat Cassoulet! This recipe comes from my sweet Momma.  She got it from a friend who was taking a cooking class years ago and she just played around with it.  Momma actually shared {Read More}

When Strange Combinations Become the Best New Snacks…

It should be no secret to anybody in the world that I like to eat and I like to try new foods. Sometimes the things I try are totally random, as is the case with my newest favorite snack combination! My daughter actually suggested I try this (because she will suggest things like that and then not always try them herself) and it was definitely an awesome idea. She happens to believe that one of the very best salty snacks {Read More}

Quick and Easy Banana Cream Pie Dip!

It’s been a busy, busy month here at the That One Mom household.  I’m not sure why…it just seems like there is some sort of something every day that we have to do or attend or plan.  It’s exhausting! We recently attended a birthday celebration for one of my husband’s family members.  I volunteered to make some desserts, but I knew I wouldn’t have a ton of time or energy to get them done.  I also knew I didn’t want {Read More}

Sort-Of-Like-Momma’s Cornbread Salad!

There are just some side dishes that are versatile enough to work with multiple meals.  Cornbread salad is one of these.  We’ve eaten it at Christmas with turkey, at Easter with ham, during the summer with ribs or burgers, and someone here might just eat it as a snack.  I won’t name names though. Cornbread salad is also one of those dishes that you can modify to your own taste.  Don’t like raw onions?  Substitute with chives.  Don’t have sweet {Read More}

Frozen Strawberry Treat

Did you know that they make strawberry pie filling?  Not just the glaze that you buy to go in strawberry pies, but actual filling just like the apple and blueberry?  I didn’t know that until this past weekend.  My mind is blown! The truth is, I went looking for strawberry pie filling for an old recipe I found.  I was absolutely positive that it was something they stopped making long before I decided I actually liked trying new recipes!  I {Read More}

Frozen Dessert Grapes (aka Sugared Grapes!)

We love grapes at our house.  Our 14-year-old can put away at least a pound of them all by herself!  Although she prefers them plain, there are quite a few salad and dessert recipes that call for grapes.  An all-time favorite here is Frozen Dessert Grapes.  I’ve also seen them called Sugared Grapes and Frosted Grapes…whatever you call them, they are yummy and oh so easy.  And also, I didn’t know it was possible to use the word “grapes” so {Read More}

Benedictine Spread…It’s Not Just For the Derby!

There was a little event a couple of weeks ago that we celebrated with a special menu.  Maybe you’ve heard of the Kentucky Derby? Now we are not hardcore gamblers, but we do all love horses (I’m the only person here who doesn’t ride) and the Derby is a great time to see some beautiful animals.  We tend to “ooh” and “ah” over the lead horses more than the ones who actually race though. Anyway, I like to serve Derby-inspired {Read More}

Last Minute Super Bowl Party Ideas!

Last Minute Super Bowl Party Ideas! If you ask some people, today is the Holy Grail of professional football.  For me, it’s just a good excuse to hang out with friends and eat yummy food! The Super Trooper and I had previously discussed having a Super Bowl Party.  He wanted to have  a “Chili Bowl” or a “Soup-er Bowl”!!  I thought those were both great ideas, but I’ve been sick and my house is a wreck so when one of {Read More}