When Strange Combinations Become the Best New Snacks…

It should be no secret to anybody in the world that I like to eat and I like to try new foods. Sometimes the things I try are totally random, as is the case with my newest favorite snack combination! My daughter actually suggested I try this (because she will suggest things like that and then not always try them herself) and it was definitely an awesome idea. She happens to believe that one of the very best salty snacks {Read More}

Benedictine Spread…It’s Not Just For the Derby!

There was a little event a couple of weeks ago that we celebrated with a special menu.  Maybe you’ve heard of the Kentucky Derby? Now we are not hardcore gamblers, but we do all love horses (I’m the only person here who doesn’t ride) and the Derby is a great time to see some beautiful animals.  We tend to “ooh” and “ah” over the lead horses more than the ones who actually race though. Anyway, I like to serve Derby-inspired {Read More}

Saucy Water Chestnuts with Bacon

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is having appetizers and desserts on Christmas Eve.  Whether it is all family or a mixture of family and friends, we like to get together and share lots and lots of different foods.  We’ve tried having traditional ham or turkey dinners on Christmas Eve, but we always go back to the appetizers.  I honestly think we all like to have a little something different every now and then. There is really no end to {Read More}

Turkey Avocado Roll-Ups

Just in case you have forgotten, I like to eat!  And some of my favorite things to eat come in the form of appetizers or “finger foods.” Since I’ve started working more hours away from home, I haven’t been cooking as much.  I’ve been trying to find recipes that can be put in the crock pot or put together quickly for lunch or dinner.  That’s where these Turkey Avocado Roll-Ups come in! The original idea for these came from a {Read More}

Spicy Veggie Pizza

Sometimes I just crave things and I learned a long time ago not to ignore those cravings.  Naturally, I have to be careful and not over do it, but I’ve learned that eating a little of what I crave is better than eating everything in the house because I’m trying to prove my willpower! When I started craving this spicy veggie pizza, I thought it was a good thing.  At least it has vegetables, right?!? This is great to make {Read More}

Roast Beef Horseradish Roll-Ups (and the Importance of Double Checking Before You Delete Things…)

Sometimes I just crave things for no particular reason.  And today I was craving these little yummies… These are my version of Roast Beef Roll-Ups.  Or Roast Beast, as my children still say! About 15 years ago, I found a recipe for a Cold Roast Beef Pizza in one of those Pillsbury mini-cookbooks you used to find at the grocery checkout.  I’ve been making those for many, many years and to be honest, I could quite happily eat a whole one {Read More}

A Little Christmas Every Day: Christmas Eve Menu Suggestions (And an Easy Sausage Ball Recipe!)

Some of my earliest memories of Christmas involve food.  Actually, some of my earliest memories of anything involve food, but that’s a whole other story!! Christmas is the time of year when most people overeat.  Is it really any wonder, though?  From parties and dinners to edible gifts, there is a lot of food to go around.  In our family alone, we attend roughly 3-4 dinner parties not including Christmas Eve at my Momma’s and Christmas Day at our house. {Read More}