That One Mom Friday Favorite: Western Kentucky University!

Years and years and years (did I say years?) ago, I went to college for the first time.  Even though I said I wouldn’t do it, I followed my sister to college in a town almost four hours from home.  I never intended to go where she went, but the first time I visited the campus, I fell in love. So off I went to WKU for a semester.  Then I came home for a semester.  Then I went back {Read More}

Welcome To the Kentucky State Fair!

Spizzie and I had a chance to go to the Kentucky State Fair last week.  I didn’t relish the drive, but we had free tickets and a place to stay.  I thought since we didn’t do anything all summer, this would be a chance to make it up.  Plus, my sister lives in the area and we always like to visit!   Basically, the Fair is a ten-day-long event.  I’m sure there are more days if you count the activities {Read More}

Welcome To Clinton, Y’all: Antiques and Appalachia!

So I spent part of the day in Clinton, Tennessee with my Momma and Spizzie.  In case you didn’t know, none of my side of the family lives in the same town as me.  As a matter of fact, my Momma doesn’t even live in the same state as we do!!  Luckily, her house is just a little over an hour away, so we can still visit each other. Clinton is actually another hour away from her, but she’s opening {Read More}

This Little Piggy Went To Market…

So I let my blog fall completely by the wayside again.  I’m so bad. I always have an excuse…they just aren’t always good ones!!!  This time, Super Trooper was out of town and I was trying to get ready for my own trip. My bestie took me to Market in Atlanta again.  I really needed some time away and even though it wasn’t the beach, we always have a fun time together. I’m not normally much of a people watcher {Read More}

That One Mom Favorites From 2013

  As the year draws to a close, I thought I would share some of my own favorite posts with you! I know as a blogger you are supposed to find your niche.  And I know you are supposed to be constantly striving to come up with new things to draw attention.  Personally, I love to craft and cook and decorate, but most of my favorite posts are really just about my life and how I feel about it on {Read More}

Camping Tips and Suggestions for Beginners!

The Super Trooper and I recently took our first weekend camping trip with our children.  The in-laws have taken them a few times in the past, but this is the first one with the five of us together.  This was also the first time I’ve been camping since I was a teenager.  That was (cough, cough) a couple of years ago!!  Since I’m not a seasoned veteran, I thought maybe I could share a few tips and/or suggestions for other {Read More}