Halloween Spider Web Plate!!

I always have these brilliant ideas for decorating, but the sad truth is I lack time and patience to do them all!  I saw a Halloween Spider Web Plate on Pinterest and decided I needed to make one.  Beth (I love that name!) at Unskinny Boppy shared a great spider web tutorial on her site.  It’s obvious that she is a much better artist than I am, so definitely check her out and learn how to draw a spider web!

I bought a charger at the Dollar Store for two bucks.  It looked like this.

Halloween Spider Web Plate!!

I didn’t want it to look like that.  I wanted it to look like this.

Halloween Spider Web Plate!And so I fixed it!

I couldn’t find any chalkboard paint in my house, except for the kind you spray and it was too cool this week to spray, so I just used acrylic and painted the middle.  Then I let it dry overnight.  Not because I’m that patient, but because I had stuff to do.   Also, I didn’t take pictures of my process, so you are getting these handy-dandy (somewhat) computer generated images!

Halloween Spider Web Plate!Since I didn’t use chalkboard paint, I used a paint pen to draw my spider web.  It wasn’t showing up as well as I wanted, so I let it dry for a while and then went back over it with the pen.  The second time, I dotted the lines to give it a little “texture.”  And also, because it was more fun that way!  Have you ever noticed that I like to use the word “also” a lot??

Halloween Spider Web Plate! I only let the white paint dry for about an hour.  I am very impatient sometimes.  After it was dry (enough), I dabbed around the middle and the outer edge with Mod Podge and then sprinkled fine black glitter all over the Mod Podged areas.  You can do one area at a time.  That’s probably the best way.  If you do it all at once, like me, be prepared to hurry!

Halloween Spider Web Plate!I wasn’t really satisfied with it at this point, so I put some Mod Podge on the actual spider web and then covered it with white glitter.  After it was all dry (I swear it was), I took a clean paint brush and brushed the excess glitter off of the entire plate.  Here’s the Before and After picture (this is the real deal!):

Halloween Spider Web Plate!I don’t know if you can see the silver spider that is sitting on that pumpkin or not.  I found a black spider and covered it with silver glitter.  My intention was to glue it to the plate, but apparently I don’t have any super glue, gorilla glue, or even generic instant glue in my house.  That’s probably a good thing anyway…I always wind up gluing my fingertips together.  One time, I even stuck my finger to my glasses.  Remember:  Never push your glasses up on your nose while you are using super glue.

I’m sure I could’ve been a little neater with the glitter, but I’m pretty happy with the result.  I’m not out a whole lot of money and it looks super cute with my other decorations.  Decorating doesn’t get much better than that!!

Halloween Spider Web Plate!


  1. Looks great!! Thanks for the shoutout!
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