Happy 18th Birthday Sunshine Boy!!

It’s funny how you can remember some things like it was yesterday and can’t remember things that happened yesterday at all!!

On this day, eighteen years ago, we welcomed another beautiful-bundle-of-baby-boyness into the world!!  I remember parts of it well (although parts of it I may have blocked out), because just three days prior we had been celebrating our first-born’s first birthday.  Even though my due date was well over a week away, my mantra for the day was, “Please let me make it through this day without going into labor.”  And it worked.

Then I went into labor.  And I asked my husband to take me to the hospital.  And he asked me if I couldn’t let him sleep just a little while longer.  I gave him 30 minutes.

What ensued after that was a long day of being scared and aggravated and not feeling that my husband was especially contrite for my condition.  I had a lovely epidural…that we had to let wear off.  Did I mention that my second child was the only one who was not a c-section delivery?

But he made it into the world and he was beautiful and precious and anything bad about the day is something I laugh about now.

He’s still beautiful and precious–but no longer a baby.  Today, he is eighteen years old.  And just like his siblings, I love him as much now as the first time I ever saw his sweet face.

So Happy 18th Birthday Sunshine Boy!  May this birthday bring you as much happiness as you bring to all of us!

Happy Birthday Sunshine Boy