Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl!

My babies keep growing up on me.  On the one hand, it’s incredibly sad.  On the other, they are such good people and so much fun–makes a momma proud!

Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl! www.thatonemom.com

My baby-baby is having a birthday today.  She is the big 14!  It seems like just yesterday that she was born.  As a matter of fact, I was telling her stories about the day she was born earlier (not anything that would be gross to a 14-year-old) and we both realized that she has had a hard time keeping the covers on her since the day she was born.  I was worrying to death because she kept kicking her blanket off and I thought she was going to freeze.  Some things never change and she has been doing it ever since.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to her room just to put her blankets back on the bed!

At any rate, today she goes a little farther into the teenage years and I hope 14 continues to go as smoothly as 13 did.  She is my most favorite girl in the world and she knows this because I tell her all of the time.  I also call her my “best girl” and even though I’m of the opinion that moms need to be moms first and friends later, she still tells me I’m one of her best friends.  I hope that it’s always so, as she is definitely one of my best friends too.

She is an amazing person–funny, smart, beautiful, talented, sarcastic, opinionated, and uncommonly mature for someone her age.  I adore her.  So today I want to wish a Happy 14th Birthday to my “nangel,” best girl, baby love, Spizzie.  May all of your dreams come true.

I love you forever…

Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl! www.thatonemom.com

 Happy Birthday Spizzie!!