Happy Father’s Day!!!

There are days when I am not sure whether to feel more sorry for my children or for my husband.  During a recent trip to the movies, one of my boys made the observation that “poor dad never gets to do anything with us and he always misses out.”  Then my daughter made the comment that she “couldn’t remember what it was like to go out to dinner with Daddy.”  And they are right.  Because of his job, because of his schedule, because of the zillion things he does to try to make a better life for everyone, he misses out on a lot of the little every day things.  Sometimes I think he is lucky not to have to deal with some things.  But deep down, I know he is missing out on some of the best things too.

So Happy Father’s Day Super Trooper.  You are an amazing Daddy and a wonderful husband and an all-around special guy!!!  And even if you have to miss out on some of the little things, your children know how much you love them and how proud you are of them.  And that is what matters most.

Happy Father's Day