Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms, Dads-who-serve-as-Moms, and people who are “like a mom” to somebody!

I am very blessed.  Today there will be lots of moms and people who are like moms at my house today.  My husband and I will be preparing dinner for them as a way of thanking them for all they do.  Hopefully, they will feel very loved and appreciated by the end of the visit!

I have been very fortunate in the Mom department.  Not only was I raised by the best mother in the world, but I was also fortunate enough to have both grandmothers and a great-grandmother in my life for a very long time.  One of my grandmothers is still with me and I am so happy to have her!  I also grew up with two aunts who were more like older sisters.  They were those “like a mom” people I was talking about.  Then if you factor in other relatives, family friends, and my closest friends’ parents, I have never ever lacked for mothering!

My children have been blessed with motherly influence as well.  My boys were born with two grandmothers, four great-grandmothers, and a great-great grandmother.  On top of that, they have a bunch of aunts, great-aunts, great-great aunts, cousins, and family friends who have never failed to spoil them!

Every child should have that much love.  Every child should have a Mom who thinks they are special.  Every child should have a grandmother that will give warm hugs and let them make a mess every now and then.  Every child should have people who love them and guide them and teach them about respect.  If you have ever had that, cherish it.  If your own children have that, never let them forget how big of a Blessing it really is.  And don’t forget to tell someone that you love them today.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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