It’s October Already???

Happy 1st Day of October!!  But really, October??  Already?

This whole entire year is flying by too fast.  I don’t even have my Halloween decorations finished and all I can think about is, it’s almost Christmas!  Which, I have to say, both excites and worries me.  I always get excited thinking about Christmas, but I haven’t made one single craft or decoration and I don’t have a clue about gifts this year.  I thought about a trip to the beach in lieu of other gifts, but that would be more of a gift for me!  I’m not sure the kids would be in love with that idea.  Plus, they all need winter clothes…so I guess I really do know what they will have under the tree!

But back to October…

My porch is almost finished.  Yay!!!  I need a few pumpkins or something.  I’m just not satisfied with it this year for some reason.  I didn’t have as much green as I wanted–I’m still going with a “witch” theme–but I wanted to use what I had and not buy a lot.

I’m trying to plan a little Halloween get-together.  I’d really like to have a fondue party.  Has anyone ever done that before?  I’d love to have some tips if you would care to share.  I love fondue, but I’m not sure how to make it work for 20+ people!

Super Trooper got invited to a Halloween costume party and I’m trying to scare up (see what I did there–teehee) some ideas for costumes.  I’d like to have something totally fabulous, but I will probably go for something last-minute and cheap!!  Maybe I’ll just be a witch…seeing as I’ve already had experience and all.  ; )


It's October, Already??