Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 30: Finish Up or Start Over!

This is the last day in the 30 Day Clear the Clutter Challenge.  Can you even believe it?!?  Challenge Day 30 is dedicated to finishing up or starting over! Honestly, I thought for sure I would want to take a major break (think years) from all of this decluttering, but I’m really just starting to get into it.  I guess it’s because I’m finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel!  (And also because I am rewarding {Read More}

Beach On a Budget: Fun and Entertainment!

There are some things that continue to surprise me over and over.  Did you know that there are people who don’t enjoy going to the beach just for the sake of going to the beach?  I never realized this until I was an adult and I was speaking with other adults about vacation.  More than one said, “The beach is boring.  There’s nothing to do.”  Whaaaaaaat?????  Obviously, their idea of fun and entertainment is different from mine! To me, the {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 29: Magazines and Paper Scraps

The truth is, I love magazines and journals and all things paper.  I am a total sucker for pretty decorated pages.  I make no apologies.  But I get a little queasy every time I see one of those pest control commercials that emphasizes how much cockroaches love paper and cardboard.  That’s why Challenge Day 29 is dedicated to getting rid of the magazines and paper scraps. Now I’m not saying they all have to go, just that the supply needs {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 28: All the Pretty Little Decorations…

It should be no secret to anyone in this world that I have a slight obsession with Christmas decorations.  Challenge Day 28 is dedicated to cleaning out all of those pretty decorations. Now, decorations are not exclusive to Christmas and can include anything from holidays, party decor, knick knacks, brick a brack, every day household decor, or anything anyone uses on any occasion to make things look pretty.  Call it what you will–it’s still a decoration! Most of us have {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 27: Fridge & Freezer Clean Out!

We are getting closer and closer to the end of our 30 Day Challenge!  Challenge Day 27 is all about that dreaded refrigerator and freezer.  You all know what I’m talking about.  We not only have to clean it out, we might even have to defrost it.  Yay. This post contains an affiliate link.  That One Mom is an Amazon Affiliate and as always, you are under no obligation to click on the link or make a purchase.  Also as {Read More}

North Carolina: 10 Things I Learned During the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games!

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games!   This view alone is worth it… This post contains links, some of which may be Amazon Affiliate Links.  All opinions in this post are my own.  That One Mom is an Amazon affiliate and earns money for this blog through purchases made through those links.  As always, you are under no obligation to click on them or buy anything!  Other links in this post have just been included to give you more information.  I try to {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 26: Sporting Equipment Storage

Once upon a time, we had all kinds of sporting equipment in this house.  Now that our boys are out of high school, there is a lot less here than there used to be.  There are still a few things being used though so Challenge Day 26 is about storing that sporting equipment. Generally, when I think of sporting equipment, I think of balls, bats, helmets, and pads.  Those are the sorts of things that used to be in abundance {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 25: Stop Cluttering the Flat Surfaces!

Do you know how many flat surfaces there are in the average home?  Me neither, but most everyone has some flat surfaces in their house that become catch-alls for miscellaneous, well, junk.  The purpose of Challenge Day 25 is to stop cluttering those flat surfaces! The flat surfaces we are working on today could include anything from the kitchen table, counter tops, the top of the entertainment center, top of the dresser/chest, or even just various shelves.  They all have {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 24: What Does This Cord Go To Anyway?

Does anyone else have dozens and dozens of cords lying around the house that you have no clue what they go to?  Anyone?  We sure do and Challenge Day 24 is all about those pesky cords! The “To Do” on this challenge is short and sweet, but if you keep unearthing extra cords, it may take more than one day.  I apologize for that, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to something like this.  Some things can’t be {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 23: Video and Board Game Overload

With three children, there has never been a shortage of video games or board games here.  They make excellent gifts, but many times games sit unopened and unused.  We don’t need any more dust collectors in this house, so it’s time to clear them out!  Challenge Day 23 is all about that video and board game overload and what to do with it. To Do: Go through all board and card games to make sure all pieces/cards are there.  Get {Read More}