Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl!

My babies keep growing up on me.  On the one hand, it’s incredibly sad.  On the other, they are such good people and so much fun–makes a momma proud! My baby-baby is having a birthday today.  She is the big 14!  It seems like just yesterday that she was born.  As a matter of fact, I was telling her stories about the day she was born earlier (not anything that would be gross to a 14-year-old) and we both realized {Read More}

Happy 18th Birthday Sunshine Boy!!

It’s funny how you can remember some things like it was yesterday and can’t remember things that happened yesterday at all!! On this day, eighteen years ago, we welcomed another beautiful-bundle-of-baby-boyness into the world!!  I remember parts of it well (although parts of it I may have blocked out), because just three days prior we had been celebrating our first-born’s first birthday.  Even though my due date was well over a week away, my mantra for the day was, “Please {Read More}

Happy 19th Birthday Funny Bubby!

My oldest child informed me last night that he was almost 20 years old.  I informed him that he needed to be saving some money, as I was married at age 20 and it was time for him to move out and get his own place! I was just teasing, of course.  It really won’t bother me if they want to stay here with me for a long time yet. And also, “almost 20” is overreaching a bit.  His birthday {Read More}