The Best Christmas Playlist To Get You In the Spirit!

It just doesn’t really feel like Christmas until we break out the music and this Christmas playlist totally does the trick.  (Of course, it’s not unheard of for Spizzie and myself to listen to Christmas music in the middle of summer, so there’s that.)  There are people who don’t like Christmas music at all and those who refuse to listen to it until December is at least halfway over.  That’s okay, but sometimes we need a little bit to get {Read More}

10 Super Songs for Summer!!!

  Ah sweet summertime. Just the sound of the word evokes images of warmth.  And boy, am I looking forward to warmth!  (And a little more constant sunlight.) I’m so incredibly tired of dreary weather.  We’ve had so much rain that our normally soggy yard is downright swampy.  It will take a couple of good weeks of straight sunshine to dry it out.  And don’t even get me started on how depressing it is to look up and see gray {Read More}