September 19, 2015–Thank a Police Officer Day

    My husband is a member of the Law Enforcement community and I am an unapologetic supporter. I love my Trooper.  I loved him when he was a kid in college.  I loved him when he was a city officer.  And I will love him still when he retires and putting on that uniform and shining that brass is nothing but a dim memory. Before he is Law Enforcement, he is mine and that is what matters most to {Read More}

I Promise That #WeSeeYou…

There has been a lot of bad press about police officers lately, but I’ve noticed a new trend as well.  People are taking to social media and sharing photos, videos, and stories of all of the good things that police officers do.  I love seeing all of these, but what I don’t love is that so many people act as if they are surprised by this. They are apparently surprised that police officers are human, that they have good days {Read More}