100 Christmas Bucket List Ideas

100 Christmas Bucket List Ideas


According to the dictionary, a bucket list is “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish over a lifetime.” Most people have made a bucket list without even realizing it. Every time you say “I want to try that” or “I would like to go there someday,” you’re basically just adding something new to your bucket list!

But have you ever made a bucket list just for Christmas? I happen to make one every year, but I’m rarely able to mark all of my goals off by the end of the season. One of the great things about a bucket list though, is that your goals can stay on it as long as you want!

My bucket list for this Christmas season includes:

  • Go to Dollywood
  • Have a Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  • Take Ugly Sweater Photos
  • Have a sing-along
  • Christmas lights
  • Read the Nativity Story
  • Attend a Church play or local event


Just in case you need new ideas for your own Christmas Bucket List, I’ve written down 100 of them! And included a “fill in the blank” bucket list printable too!


100 Christmas Bucket List Ideas


100 Ideas For Your Christmas Bucket List

  1. Have a Christmas movie marathon
  2. Perform Random Acts of Kindness
  3. Write letters to Santa
  4. Send Christmas Cards
  5. Be a Secret Santa
  6. Spend extra time with people you love
  7. Put decorations in every room
  8. Sit by the fire and drink hot cider
  9. Go to a Christmas concert
  10. Buy local—shop from small businesses/independent artists
  11. Listen to Christmas music every day
  12. Make an Advent Calendar
  13. Deliver treats to local police and fire departments
  14. Have a Christmas Treat or Sock exchange party
  15. Go ice skating
  16. Take a drive to look at Christmas lights
  17. Have a Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  18. Host an Ugly Sweater Party
  19. Read the Nativity Story
  20. Go caroling
  21. Make your own ornaments
  22. Build a gingerbread house
  23. Play in the snow
  24. Decorate the tree together
  25. Send cards or treats to people in the military
  26. Attend a Christmas play
  27. Open your home to people you know who can’t make a trip to be with family
  28. Make a Christmas snow globe
  29. Go sledding
  30. Read Christmas books
  31. Try a new recipe for your next Christmas gathering
  32. Make Blessings bags and give them to anyone who looks like they could use a blessing
  33. Donate gently used clothes and toys to a shelter or other charity
  34. Call someone just to chat
  35. Write letters to people and pretend it’s from Santa
  36. Hug somebody
  37. Hand out candy canes to random people
  38. Visit a Christmas tree farm
  39. Do volunteer work
  40. Feed a reindeer
  41. Ride in a one-horse open sleigh
  42. Have a snowball fight
  43. Make paper snowflakes
  44. Visit a historical site for a candlelight Christmas tour
  45. Adopt a child or family to give gifts to
  46. Have a Fondue Night with friends
  47. Build a blanket fort
  48. Wear a Santa hat for a whole day
  49. Make homemade hot chocolate
  50. Have a Happy Birthday Jesus party
  51. Buy new pajamas for Christmas Eve
  52. Take the time to have a date with your significant other
  53. Start a new tradition
  54. Take treats to your co-workers
  55. Make sausage balls
  56. String popcorn or cranberries
  57. Have a gift wrapping “party”
  58. Participate in a monthly photo challenge on social media
  59. Have a carpet picnic beside the tree
  60. Read “The Night Before Christmas”
  61. Make your own wish list
  62. Make your own Ugly Christmas Sweater
  63. Visit a live Nativity
  64. Have your picture taken with Santa Claus
  65. Make “magic” reindeer food
  66. Arrange an indoor treasure hunt
  67. Hang lights and decorate outside
  68. Make a pan of fudge and share it with someone
  69. Drink some eggnog
  70. Have a Christmas carol Karaoke night
  71. Make homemade potpourri
  72. Research how other countries celebrate Christmas
  73. Make snow cream
  74. Build a snow fort
  75. Have a family game night in matching pajamas
  76. Decorate cookies
  77. Have a White Elephant party
  78. Take an overnight trip for fun or romance
  79. Wear Christmas-themed clothes
  80. Attend a tree lighting ceremony
  81. Make homemade gift tags
  82. Write your own Hallmark Christmas movie
  83. Donate a new toy to charity
  84. Have a Grinch dinner with “Roast Beast” and “Who Pudding”
  85. Attend a Christmas parade
  86. Call the North Pole
  87. Make snow angels
  88. Hang some mistletoe
  89. Wear a Rudolph nose
  90. Host a Christmas craft party
  91. Donate to a coat drive
  92. Catch snowflakes on your tongue
  93. Make peppermint bark
  94. Hike in the woods
  95. Go a whole day without electronics
  96. Make frozen bubbles
  97. Soak in an outdoor hot tub
  98. Visit a place that is part of your childhood memories…Share it with others
  99. Cook a pot of Cassoulet
  100. Make a bucket list


How many things will you be putting on your Christmas Bucket List this year?!?