With This Ring…Twenty Things To Know About Marriage

With This Ring…Twenty Things To Know About MarriageWith This Ring...20 Things To Know About Marriage

 I have been married for a long time (eighteen years to be exact).  Sometimes it seems like we’ve only just started our lives together and sometimes it seems like we’ve been together for centuries.  And in Hollywood years, we probably have been!!

The months of April through July seem to be rife with romance.  And just judging from the people I know, late spring and early summer are VERY popular months for marriage.

So in the spirit of that great institution, I decided to share a few things that I’ve learned about marriage along the way:

1. It’s not easy.

2. You have to work at it.

3. Sometimes you get mad at one another.  However, playing the blame game never really helps.

4. The Golden Rule applies.

5. If your spouse is your only friend, you will get lonely. Also, clingy people are annoying.

6. Be honest.

7. Sometimes you have to admit that you are wrong.  Sometimes you will both have to admit it.

8. Say I Love You and mean it.

9. You have to share.

10.  Not everyone does things your way.  If you want it done your way, you’ll have to do it yourself.

11.  Your way is not always the right way.  Your spouse’s way is not always the right way either. Realize that you are individual people with individual thoughts and ideas.  Also realize that sometimes you have to work together and *gasp* compromise.

12.  Everything doesn’t have to be serious.

13.  It won’t always be romantic.

14.  Some days you will want to run away.

15.  Some days you will feel incredibly blessed.

16.  Everyone wants to feel needed.  Everyone wants to feel appreciated.  Everyone wants to feel loved.

17.   If you aren’t happy within yourself, no other human being can make you that way. Don’t blame your spouse for every little misery.

18.  Fear, anger, and jealousy are inevitable sometimes.  They are also joy-suckers.  Resolve to get past them or let them go!

19.  Don’t bottle your feelings up.

20.  Love goes a long way.

So, those are just a few of the things I have learned–some very quickly and others after many, many years!  And some, I regret not learning sooner.  Marriage is definitely not all sunshine and roses.  Sometimes it’s just plain difficult!!!  But if you love the person you are with and you are both committed to making it work, it’s so very worth it.  : )

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