30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 10–A Picture Is Worth a Couple Hundred Words

Day 10’s Blog Challenge is to post a picture of myself that is over ten years old.  Obviously, this is not just me.  This is me and the Super Trooper, back before he was the Super Trooper!!!  There is also a baby bump in that picture.  That baby will be nineteen years old this fall.  Wow.

This picture is the result of one of those fire department fundraisers.  You know, where you give them $20 and the strange guy with the cheesy backdrop tries to sell you a $300 package instead of the 8×10 and 16 wallets you were promised???

Looking at this, I think I look a little sad.  Or maybe just a lot tired!  What did we really know?  We were just two dumb kids who were in love and expecting our first baby.  We had no idea what the future would hold or that real life can be so very hard.  I guess I’m kind of glad we didn’t know that part…some things are better left to discover later on!

I really wish I could talk to that girl from way-back-when though.  I’d tell her a few things.  Things like:  Your kids are the best thing you are ever going to do.  Pick a different career.  You are going to laugh a lot.  That boy is going to grow into a fine man…one to be proud of.  Invest in Microsoft.  (You know, all the important things!!)

Of course, some things I would never tell her.  Surprises can be awfully nice.  And besides, some of this stuff you just have to see to believe!!

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 10--A Picture Is Worth a Couple Hundred Words


What would you tell your old self if you could??

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