30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 11–What Did You Just Call Me?

It’s Day 11 of the blog challenge.  I know that’s not quite halfway, but it makes me feel pretty good.  I’ve got this!!

So today’s challenge question is about nicknames.  I have nicknames.  Do you have nicknames?

The name I go by is actually a nickname.  My middle name is Elizabeth and most people call me Beth.  I won’t tell you my first name.  It’s the same as my father’s and he always hated his name.  The doctor told my Mom it would be dangerous to have any more children and so my father decided if he couldn’t have a son, he would at least have a namesake.  So he gave me a name he didn’t like and my sweet Momma gave me the name she wanted me to have!

I’ve been called all sorts of variations of Beth, but none of them have ever really stuck.  (Thank the Lord!!)  I can handle Bethie and maybe even Bethie Pooh, but I always hated when people called me Bethany or Beth Ann.  Not that those are bad names–they just aren’t mine!  And I really don’t like Beef or Beefer.  Maybe if I hadn’t always been a fat girl, that would be okay, but I am and those names don’t make me feel pretty!!!  I also had a teacher once who asked if she could call me Lizzy.  Ummm…no.

It’s actually really difficult when you go by your nickname.  If my first name is on any roster, I have to hear it a time or two before I realize who they are talking about!!  When you use a nickname, you have to explain it a lot and people always mess it up.  I told a girl once that my name was Beth and she asked my middle name.  I told her “Elizabeth” and she said, “Your name is Beth Elizabeth??”  Yep.  True Story.

I do have a couple of other nicknames.  I have a cousin who has called me Sissy since he was old enough to talk.  I always say he was my practice baby, as I was 16 when he was born and I had my first son just a few years later.  I still love that boy and he still calls me Sissy.  He’ll be 23 this year.  My how the time flies!

I also have a niece who started calling me Aunt Pooh when she was just a baby.  When she would come to visit, we would pretend that Winnie-the-Pooh was missing and go looking for the bear.  I walked in at my in-laws one day and she said, “Aunt Pooh!!”  It stuck until about a month ago.  She called me Aunt Beth and my heart broke a little!

Of course, my very favorite nickname has to be “Mommy”!!!  I just don’t think there is anything sweeter than hearing someone call me that.  I’ll never get tired of it!

Alright, I told you my nicknames…now you tell me yours!!

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 11--What Did You Just Call Me?




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