30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 12–Buy, Buy, Buy…

I’m way behind on my “daily” blog challenge!!  I like to think I have a good excuse.  There has been a LOT going on around here and the Super Trooper was out-of-town for two weeks.  He missed a Senior Prom, Spizzie’s Birthday, Mother’s Day, AND our 19th wedding anniversary!!  I’ve kind of been running around like a chicken with its head cut off just trying to keep up with everything.  Plus, I was a little bummed that he was gone on our anniversary.

Which brings us to the blog challenge for Day 12:  Describe a recent purchase.

In an effort to make up for being gone, the Super Trooper made arrangements for us to visit a Brazilian steakhouse for our belated anniversary dinner and we had a date night!  Most of the really good restaurants and cultural events are at least an hour from us in any direction and this one was no different.

We had been talking about trying Brazieros in Knoxville (TN), but we knew it would be expensive and so should be saved for a special occasion.  Enter the wedding anniversary…

It took us a little over an hour to get there and we were talking about how much we missed the Grady’s restaurant that used to be on Kingston Pike.  The GPS took us in some really weird way and it turns out that it’s right next door to where Grady’s used to be.

We had a reservation for 6pm, but it turns out, you don’t really need one.  We got there at 5:30 and they took us straight to a table.  I won’t explain the whole process, but I will tell you about the food!

They have this awesome “salad bar” with all of these fresh ingredients.  I honestly could have skipped the whole main course and just eaten this and maybe a side or two!  They had some great salads (the apple and raisin one was great–I wondered if it had a little jicama in it) and the tabbouleh was really refreshing.  I’m pretty sure I could’ve eaten my weight in the salami and the Manchego cheese.  Yummy!!

They do serve bread–it was like a mini popover with cheese.  The sides are mashed potatoes with cheese, chives, and a little too much paprika; fried bananas (oh so good); and fried polenta.  I ate almost all of the polenta by myself and I will definitely be trying this at home!!

As far as the meat goes, there is a big variety.  For the purist, it is fabulous because you mostly get the flavor of the meat.  It’s all very tender and tastes like good cuts.  For me, however, I found most of it a little bland.  I just felt like I would enjoy it more with a little medley of sauces to dip it in!!  Super Trooper really liked the chicken wrapped in bacon, but it just tasted like bacon to me.  There was a garlic picanha that was very flavorful–if you really like garlic.  We were a little disappointed that we didn’t get to try the sausage or the chicken legs.  They didn’t bring any around until we were eating dessert!

Ah, dessert!  We shared a huge piece of cake that had different kinds of chocolate and cheesecake and whipped cream and I-don’t-even-know-what-else!  We couldn’t even finish it.

As far as the food goes, it was fresh and plentiful and I would definitely like to go there again sometime.  However, the thing that makes it truly worth the hefty price tag is the service that you get.  It is, without a doubt, the most efficiently run restaurant I’ve ever been in.  If every restaurant taught their employees to work this way, there would be no worries about going out of business!  Everyone was exceedingly friendly, but the best part is that they all helped one another.  There was never just one single person who came by to check on us.  Pretty much the entire wait staff was our waiter!  They all helped clear plates and bring refills and ask if there was anything you needed.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  Other than the company, that was the best part of the experience for me!!

I guess technically, the Super Trooper actually made this purchase.  However, since he used the debit card and it comes out of OUR bank account, I paid for it too.  If it wasn’t the most we’ve ever paid for a dinner for two, it comes pretty close.  And I’d love to take my children there, but I’m gonna need to get another job first!!!

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 12--Buy, Buy, Buy!

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