30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 16–What’s Your Favorite Food? (Seriously??)

Asking me to pick a favorite food is almost like asking a four-year-old to pick just one toy out of a Christmas catalog.  I’m just not sure it can be done!!

I think it’s easier to tell you what I don’t like.  I don’t like raw oysters, mushy brussel sprouts or asparagus (I’ll eat them otherwise), mayonnaise on cold sandwiches, soggy corn tortillas, and some kinds of lasagna (mostly because I’m not in love with most marinara sauces).  I don’t hate any of these things and of course, there are always exceptions.  Also, I’m not a picky eater and I was raised to be polite.  If someone serves me something I don’t particularly care for, I will still make an effort to eat it and I never complain unless I have to pay for it!!

Honestly, I just like food and I’m open to trying new ones anytime.  In the spirit of the challenge, I will try to narrow it down to a few of my favorites.

*My Momma’s Cassoulet…it’s not a traditional one (no tomatoes of any kind), but it’s wonderful!

*Crab legs with butter

*Bagels with cream cheese and raspberry jalapeno jam

*Any kind of bread, really!

*Pinto beans with Chow-Chow and homemade Corn Bread

*Salmon Patties

*Grippo BBQ Potato Chips

*Potato Salad

*My Potato Soup

*Anything BBQ!!

*Chocolate Cake with 7-Minute Frosting

*White Chicken Chili

*Watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, mango, bananas, coconut, and Jonamac apples (don’t ask me where you get those…it’s some sort of hybrid apple that I bought at the Flea Market a couple of times and then could never get again!)

*Roasted Root Vegetables (has to have rutabaga)

*Meatloaf sandwiches

*Garden tomatoes

*My Momma’s buttercream icing

*Shrimp, any way but fried

*Sister Schubert’s rolls

*Frosted Banana Bars (using the recipe for the cake and frosting from my Frosted Banana Cake Pops)


*Whipped Cream

Those are the favorite ones I can think of off the top of my head.  I’m sure I could come up with a few more if I tried.  Did I tell you I really love to eat???

30-Day Blog Challenge  Day 16--What's Your Favorite Food  (Seriously)


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