30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 17–My Pretty Little Family

30-Day Blog Challenge  Day 17--My Pretty Little Family


This blog challenge actually asked for a family photo.  Well, guess what.  I don’t have one.

Technically, I think I have two snapshots with just the five of us altogether at one time.  There are no professional ones.  None.  There are photos of me and the Super Trooper.  There is one of me, him, and Funny Bubby when he was a baby.  There are portraits of both my boys together, of them with their little sister, and of all three of them with their Daddy…just not with me!  As a general rule, I was working (ten years of straight weekends) or I didn’t have anything to wear or we didn’t have the money to hire a real photographer to take family photos.

Even our snapshots don’t have me in them very often.  Usually I’m the one behind the camera and I don’t know why, because I’m not that good at it!!

Fortunately, my big sister is that good at it and she recently bought a fantastic camera and some really sweet lenses.  So this summer, there will be a family portrait.  I’m pretty pumped about it and so is the rest of my little family.  They just don’t know it yet.  ; )

So until that happens, please enjoy the only two pictures I can find with me, my husband, AND all three of our kiddos!!

(Don’t make the same mistake as me…go out and have portraits made that include everyone and get out from behind the camera every now and then!!)

Family Photo 3


Family Photo

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  1. Great pictures, you need to get more done with everyone!