30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 18–How Do I Love Thee…

First, let me say that I have come to the conclusion that I must be the least organized person on the face of the planet!  I started this blog challenge and really thought it would be a breeze to finish in 30 days.  Well, that deadline has come and gone!

In truth, I never really laid out specifics.  So I guess if I was trying to write something every day for 30 consecutive days or write a set number of posts within a 30-day time frame, I have failed miserably.  I’ve decided to live by own rules, however, and declare my challenge is to write 30 days worth of blog posts that do not have to be posted consecutively!!  Haha…even I cheat occasionally.

In my defense, we have been super busy with another high school graduation, choir concerts, family stuff, parties, and work (*shudder*)!!

Anyway, today’s blog challenge question is “What do you love best about your family members?”

That was actually a much harder question than I thought it would be.  There is  a lot to love about these people and it’s really hard to narrow down specific things!!  Plus, I have quite a few family members.  For the sake of time, I’m going to infer that the question means spouse and children, but it could really be anyone you love!

Where to start…

The Super Trooper

The Super Trooper








Ah, the Super Trooper.  How I love that man.  I had crushes on boys before I met him, but I never knew what love was until the first time he held my hand.  There is just something about him that draws me in…even when he’s driving me absolutely crazy or making me so mad I could spit!  He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s affectionate, he’s a hard worker (at work, yes, at home…that just depends), and he is so incredibly good with children.  In fact, it is his love of babies and little children that sealed the deal with me.  Well that and he’s a pretty good kisser.  ; )  Seriously though, when we were dating (in college), my RA had a friend over who brought her baby.  He didn’t know her from Adam, but we were talking and cooing at her little one and he said, “Can I hold your baby?”  He picked her up and snuggled her close and I’m pretty sure my eggs were singing like an angel chorus at that point!  The next week, I saw him put his arm around his little brother during church and whenever my favorite little cousin would come over, he’d get down on his level and play.  Children adore him too and I think that says a lot about a person.  He works in the school system a lot and we rarely go anywhere without some young person running up to speak or give him a hug!  On another note, I still love to watch him with the kiddies, but now my eggs just say “eh, that’s nice.”  Wait, is that too much information?


Funny Bubby

Funny Bubby








I’m not just bragging when I say this guy is the most hilarious kid ever!!  He’s affectionate like his Daddy (even when he’s being a pest like his Daddy), he’s incredibly smart, and he can flat-out play the musical instruments!  And I do mean multiple.  Whatever he picks up, he learns.  I think he’s up to about eight different instruments that he can play more than passably well.  Whatever he is passionate about, he works hard at.  Right now, that’s music and his new barista job!  Honestly though, I think he could be the next Jimmy Fallon if he wanted to.  


Sunshine Boy

Sunshine Boy








Sweet, sweet Sunshine.  You won’t meet too many boys who are so hard-working and helpful.  He’s loving, he’s intelligent, and he loves to know how things work.  If something is broken and he can’t fix it, he’ll try his best to figure it out!  He’s definitely the most mechanically inclined person in this household.  He can also cook like a dream…he just throws in a bunch of spices and makes stuff up!  He’s much quieter than his brother and sister, but he is great with people.  He definitely inherited his Daddy’s way with children and he’s so very kind-hearted.  











Sometimes my baby girl is beyond my wildest imagination.  She’s tenacious and smart and sometimes she’s really loud!  She’s creative and silly and loyal (especially to her Momma…so don’t be doing anything you don’t want her to tell me about).  She’s full of belief, even in what other people say is unbelievable, and she always seems to be open to possibilities.  She’s a baby-whisperer, dog-whisperer, and horse-whisperer all in one little, bitty body!


I could honestly go on for days about how much I love these people and why, but you might get tired of hearing it!  There are individual traits that I love about each of them and there are things I love about them as a collective whole.  I love the way they all think, I love the way they all smile, and I love the sound of each of their laughs.  I love their hugs and their kisses.  I even love the way they all pick at me or tell me I’m not cool (we all know I really am).

Most of all, I love that they are MINE!

30-Day Blog Challenge  Day 18--How Do I Love Thee...

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  1. Enjoying reading through your blogs..this one made me LOL!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! It is a big bunch of crazy people that I live with, but I couldn’t do without them. You just never know when one of them is going to inspire me to write things I think all the world should know about! I should probably ask them how they feel about it someday. ;P Come back and visit again soon!!