30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 20–Hobby? That’s What People Do For Fun, Right??

If someone had asked me ten years ago what my hobbies were, I would have a whole list of fun and relaxing things to give them.  I would say things like reading, scrapbooking, crafting, listening to music (and sometimes singing along), decorating, organizing, and trying new recipes.

Although I still do all of those things from time to time, they have become less of a fun thing and more of a chore.  And if it’s more like a chore, than it’s not a hobby.  Hobbies are supposed to be fun, right?!?

I still love to read, but it’s hard to do uninterrupted around here.  I have shelves full of scrapbooking supplies, a closet full of crafty things, and boxes of pictures that aren’t being used because there is no dedicated space to do anything.  If I want to work with any of that, I have to clean off the kitchen table or find floor space that is out of everyone’s way.  I rarely listen to music if anyone is at home, because my only real access to it is in the living room and as soon as I turn on some tunes, someone else comes by and turns on the television!  I really need to invest in an iPod.  I still decorate, but it takes me forever and it rarely turns out how I plan.  I’m currently trying to organize, but it’s a slow and torturous process–there’s definitely no fun to be had there.  And I still like to try new recipes, but the price of groceries is getting too high to make things that might be wasted.

So what is my hobby now?  Hmmm…good question.

I would have to say that the only hobby I have that I currently spend any decent amount of time on is list making.  Doesn’t that sound fun?

Really it’s not.  However, it does help keep me sane and on track!  There’s just something about this almost 40-year-old brain that can’t remember much of anything.  Plus, making lists seems like so much less of a chore than say, washing dishes or scrubbing the toilet.

I make “To Do” lists and lists for the grocery.  I make lists of bills to pay and ones to put off!  I make lists of things I need for the house and things I would like to have.  I make lists of exercises videos to do on certain days and menu items to pull from for the month.  The other day, I made a list of things to help save on vacation costs, if we were going to get to go on vacation!  (That’s looking highly doubtful since we’ve had some unexpected vehicle repairs come up this week and we’re going to have to use a big chunk of our vacation fund to pay for them.  *sad sigh*)

Making lists isn’t as satisfying as decorating my bedroom to make it look like a posh retreat (it’s not by the way) or organizing my cajillion craft supplies for easier access.  It’s not as soul-soothing as listening to my favorite tunes and pretending I’m a star, while I sing along.  And it definitely doesn’t thrill my taste buds like some crab dip with sourdough bread would right now!

But making lists isn’t painful for me.  It doesn’t require deep thought and intense concentration.  Making lists makes me feel proactive and sometimes, accomplished.  I feel really accomplished when I complete them, but that doesn’t happen often!!

So if I can’t do things I really enjoy, I will settle for something that doesn’t suck the life out of me!!!!   And until I can find a job that will pay me to make lists, I guess it will just be my hobby!!

30-Day Blog Challenge  Day 20--Hobby  That's What People Do For Fun, Right

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