30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 26–You’re My Inspiration…

I’ve been noticeably absent again.  I have this really bad habit of getting caught up in everyday life and forgetting to do little things…like write blog posts!!

It’s time to get back on track though and even if I never wash another dish or run another errand, I’m going to finish this challenge.  I mean it.  For real.

Challenge 26 says to describe who you admire and inspire.

That’s a little tough.  I admire lots of people for lots of different reasons.

I admire my family and friends, people with manners, people who strive to be good role-models, and people who are honest.  I admire people who overcome adversity, who never seem to give up, and people who want to give up but manage to pull it all together in the end!

I admire men who help with the housework and the child-rearing and people who are supportive of their loved ones.  I admire people who aren’t afraid to tell the world that they love someone and people who are willing to lay down their life to save someone else’s.

I admire hard workers and big dreamers and optimists.  And I admire children and their sense of wonder!

As far as inspiration goes, I’m not sure that anything I do is all that inspiring.  I would hope that something I’ve said or done inspires my children in a positive way!

I do like to feed people…maybe that has inspired some of them to cook a little??  I honestly couldn’t tell you for sure.

What do you do that inspires people??

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 26--You're My Inspiration...


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  1. jessica liford says:

    I admire my granny Jan more than anyone. She was the strongest, most independant and sometimes stubborn woman I have ever known. It has been 9 years since she has passed and I miss her more and more everyday.