30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 29–♪♪Can Anybody Find Me…Somebody To Love…♪♪

Today’s blog challenge asks you to describe someone you love.  How exactly do you pick just one person that you love to talk about?  How do you narrow it down to one who is more interesting or more important than the others?  You can’t.  Or at least I can’t!

I could talk about my children and how much I love them.  They are so very important to me.  I think my life would be very cold, sad, and empty without them.  I never, ever want to find out.

I could talk about my husband.  I could tell how I love his silliness and how he makes me giggle.  Or about how I adore the shape of his hands and his lips.  Oh those lips.  *sigh*

I could tell you how much I love my Momma for her sweetness and loving spirit; my sister for her talent and ambition; my grandparents for their constancy and encouragement; my little cousin for his devotion to his cousins; my friends for their loyalty and forgiveness; or my in-laws for their advice and love of my children.

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 29--♪♪Can Anybody Find Me...Somebody To Love...♪♪

I could talk about my stepdad, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother- and sister-in-laws, nieces, nephews, work buddies, and slightly-more-than-casual acquaintances.  They’ve all played their parts in my life and I love them for it.  I could talk about them all…but I won’t.

I will just say this:  I am so incredibly blessed to have so much love to give and so many wonderful people to give it to!

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 29--♪♪Can Anybody Find Me...Somebody To Love...♪♪











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  1. Ahh we love you all too!

  2. jessica liford says:

    Family is so important and even thoughthey may be irritaing at times, they are still family. I love all your blog post about family! 🙂