30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 30–Remember the Dream Is Yours…

Technically this one is mine though, so…

(I’m just trying to be funny.  Did it work???)

The final challenge question of the 30-Day-Blog-Challenge-that-I-have-failed-so-miserably is:  What are your hopes, dreams, and plans for the future?

I honestly try not to think too far into the future.  Mostly because my brain no longer has the capacity to process why I walk into any given room in my house at that exact moment, so thinking ahead is a little iffy!  I do have some goals that I have broken down into increments, but five years ahead is about as far as I can make myself go.

I haven’t always been this way.  When I was about 12, my sister and I made lists (we did bucket lists before bucket lists were cool!) of all the things we wanted to do before we turned 21.  I remember that we specifically chose that age because 21 sounded so far away.  What can I say,  our measurement of time was a little skewed at that point.  We did eventually grasp the concept and we went back in our mid-teens and changed the age to 25!  Because, you know, 25 is soooo old!!

I couldn’t tell you what all was on my list, but I would like to see it again.  As far as I know, I can’t cross off much more than “get married” and “have kids.”  I’m not complaining about getting married and having kids, but I am a little sad that I’ve let so many of my childhood dreams slip away.

I do still have dreams and hopes for the future.  They are mostly your typical I-want-my-children-to-be-happy-blah-blah-blah sorts of dreams.  I shouldn’t make light of that, because I do want my children to be happy.  I just think that is the answer you will get from a lot of people.  It’s a sort of standardized response that keeps us from having to delve too deep and answer questions that might incite judgment.

I try not to be a Negative Nellie, but I’m no Pollyanna either.  Therefore, most of my dreams get pushed to the back of my mind like a forgotten plaything relegated to a dusty corner.  Most days I don’t want to take time for introspection, so I just leave them there.  But every now and again, I dust them off and play with them!

I could dig deep right now and make you an endless list of the things I want out of life.  But I’ll do you a favor and save that for my memoirs!  For the most part, I want what most everyone else wants.  I want to know that I am loved and I want to know that I matter.  I think I’m doing okay so far.

Now…I wonder where I left that list…

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 30--Remember the Dream Is Yours...




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  1. jessica liford says:

    I always plan for the future! But like most often those plans change along the way because its all in GODS plan as for our future so i pray everyday he leads me to the future he has planned for me.

    • Good idea! I try to not to make too many plans and be flexible with the ones I do make. Sometimes I think when I make plans, God laughs…or shakes His head!!!