30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 8–So Tell Me What You Want…

Today’s blog challenge question is brought to you by cravings.  I’m not going to lie.  I had to go back to the Mom Gets Real website to see if this question was about pregnancy or not!!!  Turns out, cravings count as anything you really, really want.

What I really, really wanted when I was pregnant with Funny Bubby was Taco Bell.  Every.  Stinking.  Day.  And it wasn’t even a restaurant I liked.  I didn’t crave anything with the other two, but I didn’t eat Taco Bell for a long time that’s for sure!

Occasionally, I crave crab legs and drawn butter.  But that’s just because I love crab legs with drawn butter.  I also love shrimp, but not fried shrimp.  And chocolate.  I love that too.

Where were we?

Oh yeah.  What do I crave?

I crave peace and relaxation.  I crave clarity.  I crave energy.  I crave freedom from worry and freedom from debt.  I crave the smell of mountain laurel and the color of green that you can only find when the sun is shining on the mountains.  I crave the salty ocean and warm sand.  I crave the smooth, cool rocks that can only be found at the bottom of a shallow stream.  I crave the smell of a freshly sliced watermelon and the tang of freshly squeezed lemonade.  I crave safety and happiness for all those I love and rest for us all.  I crave a softer mattress, lower cabinets, and a better drainage system in my yard.  I crave the sensation of being on a float in the pool or a boat on the lake.  I crave travel.  I crave the ability to finish all of my projects.  I crave more time to write.  I crave Grippo potato chips, Penrose sausages (they don’t make these anymore–*sniff*), and a cold Cheerwine.  I crave the ability to eat all of that and not get heartburn.  I crave an entire day of nothing but reading.  I crave my husband’s company (he’s far, far away right now) and time with my friends.  I crave clothes that fit the way I want them to and sexy shoes that don’t hurt my feet.  I crave time in the hot tub and sleep…lots and lots of sleep.

I’m sure I could expand on each and every one of those, but I’m  going to stop and give in to that last craving!!  So tell me what you want…

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 8--So Tell Me What You Want...

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