30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 9–That Gets On My “Nervous”!!

Can you guess what today’s blog challenge question is??  It’s something that really gets on your nerves:  What are your pet peeves?

Before I discuss what really makes my blood boil (that is probably dangerous, isn’t it?), I have to tell two stories.  First, whenever I see the word “peeves,” I no longer read it as the word “peeves.”  My daughter was reading the first Harry Potter book a few years ago and she was telling me about some of the characters (even though I read them long before) and she really didn’t like that “Peevis.”  So now whenever I see the word “peeves” I associate it with my daughter’s kind of funny habit of mispronouncing things and thinking she isn’t!  Secondly, when my boys were small they used to say, “you’re getting on my nervous” instead of, “you’re getting on my nerves.”  It stuck.  Now we all say it…even though they aren’t little anymore.  *sad sigh*

Enough random stories.

I will try to keep this list short and as polite as possible.  It probably isn’t sweet, since it’s composed of things that make me bonkers, but I won’t sit down and name every little thing that aggravates me either!  I don’t want you to get the impression that I’m super hateful!!

Here is my list of pet peeves:

1.  People who pull out in front of me and slow-poke, when they can clearly see that there is no one behind me or that the person behind me is riding my bumper and then I’ll risk getting caught in an auto sandwich.  Seriously, why pull out in front of another car and go slow?  Floor it people!

2.  People who speed up and slow down.  Just pick a speed.  Either go slow enough that I can pass you or fast enough that I don’t need to.  I just can’t handle the fast-slow-faster-slow-slower-fast-slow-oh-I’ve-got-to-speed-up-if-you-try-to-pass-me drivers!!  (Yes, I know this is another car related pet peeve.  I have a lot of them.  And I probably always will until they invent a car with a claw that will allow me to pick other cars up and move them off the road.  Or a button that tells people to stay off of the road while I’m on it!)

3.  People who go to a church service, lecture, play, concert/musical event, or movie and talk the ENTIRE time.  Really?  Really?  It’s just rude.  And disrespectful.  If you don’t want to listen, don’t go.  If you think it’s funny to disturb everyone else who is listening…be glad I’m not your Momma.

4.  Babies and toddlers in movies.  Okay, so this might offend some people and I’m a little bit sorry about that, but not that sorry.  I didn’t take my kids to an actual theater until they were four-years-old or very close to it.  Anytime they cried or got scared, I left the room with them.  I’ve missed more than one movie that way.  If they felt the need to talk, I reminded them (nicely) to whisper and/or be quiet so that we didn’t disturb the other people in the theater.  I never had to remind them more than once.  Of course, my kids were old enough to understand that going to the movies was a special treat and they treated it as such.  Maybe other parents don’t do that and that could be the problem, but I think movie theaters are not the place for very little ones.  They are dark and incredibly loud, so I think that could be scary.  Plus, it couldn’t possibly be good for their hearing.   If you insist on taking them and they are not old enough to understand about sitting down and paying attention, please be kind enough to go to the early movie.  Taking them to a movie when it is close to their bedtime is definitely not a good idea.  And I don’t care how cute your little curly-haired 18-month-old is–If I pay all that money to take my family of five to a movie, I want to watch it, not babysit her so you can watch it.  (And yes, that happened.)

5.  People who never say please, thank you, excuse me, or I’m sorry.  Manners are really not that difficult, but they seem to escape some people.

Okay, that about sums it up.  There are probably other little things that really irk me, but those are the biggest.  And I really don’t think it’s asking too much for other people to use good manners!!!

30-Day Blog Challenge:  Day 9--That Gets On My "Nervous"!!

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