30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 25–Don’t Let Go…

Today’s blog challenge is another very difficult one for me.  It calls for choosing my very favorite picture and describing it.  Not fair, not fair!!!

I have so many, but for the sake of the challenge, I will choose just one.

This picture is one of my very favorites for a lot of reasons.  It’s at the beach, they are in the water, and the colors are gorgeous.  Of course, the subject matter includes two of my very favorite people, so that is always a plus!!

It’s the story behind it that I really and truly love though.

My baby had been to the ocean before, but she wanted to go out farther and her Daddy told her he would take her.  She was excited and scared at the same time.  She put that little hand in his and off they went.  These are the words I heard…”Don’t let go Daddy.  Okay?”

And he didn’t.

I hope he never does…


30-Day Blog Challenge Day 25--Don't Let Go

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  1. Lisa Lamb says:

    Love this!

  2. Oh my gosh…this made me tear up a little…

    • Thank you. Is it bad that I like that? That means I did something right. But still…I don’t want you to cry!!!


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