30 Days To Clear the Clutter Subscriber Freebie!

30 Days to Clear the Clutter e-book!

When my blog crashed, one of the things missing when it was restored was my Subscriber Freebie Sign-Up.  Since I’d been working on a Clear the Clutter ebook, it seemed like a great time to share it.  And what better way to share than to give it away!!

The ebook is a condensed version of my 30-Day Clear the Clutter Challenge (which you are welcome to read here).  The book still has great tips on what to do each day–it’s just much shorter and with less of a story.

The sign-up form is on the sidebar or here in this post.  Sign up today and make sure you get the 30 Days to Clear the Clutter ebook, plus all of my latest posts and more!  (If you are already on the email list, just drop me a line and I’ll email you a copy of the book.)

Now let’s go declutter!



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