Ten Awesomely Amazing Graduation Gift Ideas!!

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Ten Awesomely Amazing Graduation Gift Ideas!!  www.thatonemom.com

Graduation is upon us and it’s time to start doling out the gifts.  98% of students surveyed said that their gift of choice is cash.  Not really…I just pulled that percentage off the top of my head.  But I know a lot of teenagers and it’s probably closer to 99.2%!! If you are like me and you cannot afford to buy your graduate a new car or hand them a check for $50,000 then you might need a few gift ideas!

Here are just a few:

1.  Cash.  Cash is always good.  People like cash and they can use it to get what they need.  They will probably use it to get what they want instead though, so don’t be disappointed.  You don’t have to give a lot–just give it lovingly and hope they use it wisely!!!

2.  Check.  Of course, this is the same as cash.  I just felt like I should list it because I recently read a comment in which the writer said she received a check in the amount of her graduation year.  I actually thought that was a really cute idea and I’m tempted to send out some checks for $20.13 (or you know, $20.15, $20.17, you get the picture).

3.  Gift cards.  You can get gift cards for just about anything and anywhere.  Teenagers like to eat and they like to go places, so I recommend a gift card to any restaurant (you might want to check out which restaurants are in the town where they will be attending college), gas station, grocery store, movie theater, music store, or their campus bookstore.

4.  Concert tickets.  My son’s very first graduation gift happened to be a pair of tickets to see the Avett Brothers.  I’m fairly certain this is also going to be one of his favorites!!

5.  Luggage or plastic totes.  Obviously the luggage is the nicer of these options, but it is also the more expensive.  Plastic totes will be useful if your graduate is going away to college.  They can be filled and stacked in a dorm closet for storage.  I’ve lived in a dorm room.  Trust me, you need storage.

6.  Gift baskets with cleaning supplies, household items (especially useful for anyone lucky enough to live in an apartment or go to a college with suites for campus housing), or themes like movie night, candy, etc., etc.

7.  Groceries.  Hey, a kid’s gotta eat!  I’m planning to do a couple of baskets with ramen noodles, drink mix packets (like Kool-aid or sports drinks), microwave popcorn, and some other snack items.  I’m also going to throw in a gift card for fast food or some pizza money.

8.  Cookbook.  I know this doesn’t sound like the greatest gift, but if you made one with their favorite recipes or found one suitable for their cooking skills, it could be invaluable.  I told my son I was going to make him a cookbook with nothing but ramen noodle recipes.  Who knew you could do so much with those little things?

9.  Electronics.  If you have money to spare.  Or you are a very close family member and want to give something special.  My son is getting a new laptop.  If he’s reading this…surprise!!!!

10.  Your time.  Giving the gift of yourself is often overlooked.  Not everyone can afford to give expensive gifts or any gift at all, for that matter.  Sharing your time and knowledge is a great thing to do.  Teenagers don’t always appreciate what they are given at the moment, but someday they’ll be glad for the memories you made together.


So that’s my list and I’m sticking to it!!!  What kind of gifts are you giving and what kind would you love to get??

Ten Awesomely Amazing Graduation Gift Ideas!! www.thatonemom.com