Is It Fall Already?? (Plus, A New Free Printable!)

Oh my goodness!  Is it really fall already?  It surely feels like it outside, but there are no guarantees it will stay that way! It has definitely been super weird weather in the last few years.  It’s impossible to tell what season it’s supposed to be by the weather around here.  However, it feels like fall right now and that inspires me a little! I’m still not well enough to really decorate, so I will probably just save my energy {Read More}

30 Days To Clear the Clutter Subscriber Freebie!

30 Days to Clear the Clutter e-book! When my blog crashed, one of the things missing when it was restored was my Subscriber Freebie Sign-Up.  Since I’d been working on a Clear the Clutter ebook, it seemed like a great time to share it.  And what better way to share than to give it away!! The ebook is a condensed version of my 30-Day Clear the Clutter Challenge (which you are welcome to read here).  The book still has great {Read More}

When Life Is Hard…

It’s been a bad year.  And not just since the new year started.  For more than 12 months, life has been hard and when life is hard, sometimes there is nothing to do but hold on and pray. One year and a few months ago, my marriage was in a hard place.  If you are married, you know how difficult it can be sometimes.  If you are married to a police officer, you may know that things can become downright {Read More}