I Promise That #WeSeeYou…

There has been a lot of bad press about police officers lately, but I’ve noticed a new trend as well.  People are taking to social media and sharing photos, videos, and stories of all of the good things that police officers do.  I love seeing all of these, but what I don’t love is that so many people act as if they are surprised by this. They are apparently surprised that police officers are human, that they have good days {Read More}

That One Mom Favorites From 2013

  As the year draws to a close, I thought I would share some of my own favorite posts with you! I know as a blogger you are supposed to find your niche.  And I know you are supposed to be constantly striving to come up with new things to draw attention.  Personally, I love to craft and cook and decorate, but most of my favorite posts are really just about my life and how I feel about it on {Read More}

What It’s Like To Be Married To a Police Officer (and How To Survive It!): Part 6. You Can Do This!

Now that I’ve told you about the negative emotions you might face, let me tell you the biggest truth of it all: You Will Be Proud.  You Will Be Strong.  You Will Be Amazing. You will be all of these things and sometimes even at the same time! 1.  You will be proud because you know your officer is doing something worthwhile.  Being in law enforcement is a thankless job a lot of the time.  Good, honest people go into {Read More}