Chalkboard Christmas Printable and the Importance of Being Flexible

Christmas Chalkboard Printable and the Importance of Being Flexible


Some days I have big plans. And some days those plans fall through.

Maybe I’m too tired to cook a huge dinner. Maybe I can’t focus or I don’t have any new ideas. Or maybe I get an unexpected visit from someone and I have to be a little bit flexible with how I’m spending my time.

That’s okay though. Moments spent with people you love are more important than anything you could ever cook or decorate or write about. Those moments are part of what makes life so beautiful and worth living.

Whether it is the holiday season or just an average ordinary day, make time for conversation. Make time for impromptu visits. Make time to just be together. Be flexible. So the house doesn’t get cleaned or your new article doesn’t get posted or your to-do list doesn’t get any of the to-dos marked off. There are worse things. No one will remember how clean things were or how much work you finished that day, but they will remember that you cared enough to spend time with them. And those are the memories you want people to have. Those are the ones that bring smiles.  : )

Now, just so you don’t think I’m a total slacker, I do have some printables for you. I’m always working on things that I can use to decorate with and I love chalkboard printables. I think they are some of my absolute favorites. When I made this one to print out for myself, I let Spizzie choose between a plain one or one with hearts. She chose the hearts because she said it, “gives it a pop of color.” (This is what happens when your kids watch home improvement and craft shows.)

I’m including both so that you can choose for yourself!!

Hope you enjoy!


Chalkboard Christmas Printable



Chalkboard Christmas Printable