How to Make a Christmas Gift List & a Printable For You!

How to Make a Christmas Gift List!


Christmas can be a whole lot of fun, but some parts of it require a bit of organization. Now, anybody who knows me the least little bit knows that I struggle with this! But one area that I excel in is making a Gift List for Christmas shopping.

Truthfully, the shopping wouldn’t get finished if I didn’t keep a list! Whether it’s a pretty printable or just jotted down in a notebook, having ideas about what to buy is a huge timesaver.

Here’s how to create a Christmas Gift List that will save you time and sanity!

  1. Write down the names of every single person you will be buying a gift for, making a gift for, giving a gift of service to, or even just considering gifting to.
  2. Write down each person’s age and clothing/shoe sizes if applicable.
  3. Consider what sort of hobbies or interests each person has. What do they like to do? Do they collect anything? Do they have a specific interest?
  4. Take some time to find out what their favorite things are: Food, drinks, restaurants, accessories, books, movies, music, color, time of year, etc. Anything that can give you gift ideas.
  5. Write down anything specific they may have asked for. If someone else is already gifting that item, consider accessories or something that complements the gift.
  6. What is it that they really need? Obviously, this question doesn’t apply to everyone you give a gift to, but if you have an inside track to this person’s needs, don’t overlook this step. Practical gifts are sometimes the best thing.
  7. Write down anything you have considered giving as a gift.
  8. Decide if any of these people can be combined into family or couples’ gifts to save you time and money.


**TIP: Take this a step further and keep a separate list with each person’s name and the gift(s) you have bought/made for them. This keeps you from accidentally purchasing for the same person twice AND from overlooking someone. (Both of which I have done!) I also do this with stocking stuffers.



Christmas Gift List Printable



Feel free to make copies of the Christmas Gift List Printable above and use it with these tips to help organize your Christmas shopping. Hopefully, this will make things easier so that you have less stress and more time to enjoy yourself this holiday season!