Christmas Home Tour: The Trooper Tree!!

Hello.  My name is Beth.  And I might have a slight obsession with Christmas decorations.

Luckily, everything has the potential to be a decoration where I am concerned.  Some say less is more, but when it comes to decorating for Christmas, I believe in using what you’ve got.  Sometimes all at the same time!

My ultimate goal is to decorate every single room in my house.  Every shelf, every flat surface, every nook and cranny.  So far I haven’t reached that goal, but I refuse to give up!  Every year, I go a little farther…do a little more…get a little more ambitious…

And this year I decided that the Super Trooper needed to see a little decorating love.  So I made him his own tree.  I got a new tree this year, so I put the old tree up in our bedroom and decorated it just for him.

I loved it.  My daughter loved it.  Super Trooper didn’t say much.  He must have liked it though, because he showed off the pictures the next day!

And now I’m showing you a little peek (because the rest of the room isn’t finished and trust me, you don’t need to see that mess!!):

Christmas Home Tour  The Trooper Tree


I used police signs, police ornaments, police picture frames (one with our kids and one that some friends gave him), pins and patches from police agencies in other parts of the United States and a few from other countries (mostly Canada because we love our Canadian friends), and whatever I could find that said KSP on it!  There are some little figurines that the Super Trooper has collected through the years and somewhere on there is a little D.A.R.E. Lion.  I topped it off with an old hat that has been in the playroom for five or six years.  It took forever to bend it back to normal and then I had to find a hatpin to go in it!  My husband took it off the tree at least once to try to straighten it, but he resisted the urge to do too much.  I could tell he wanted to, but I think he was trying not to hurt my feelings!!

The whole tree just took me a little over an hour altogether.  I think it’s cute and I’m excited that my husband gets to have a tree decorated with what he likes for a change!  I’m sure he’d prefer to have his own man cave, but the Trooper Tree will have to do for now!!

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  1. I love this!!!!!

  2. Love the Trooper Tree!!!