Christmas Music Monday: Christmas Favorites!

Christmas Music Monday: Christmas Favorites!

Happy Monday, music lovers!!  It’s time for yet another installment of Christmas Music Monday.  I hope you are as happy about that as I am!

Today, I will be featuring some of my very own Christmas favorites.  I’m sure you all have those albums that you listen to over and over…especially during the Holiday season.  And I’m sure some of them you get a little tired of listening to.  Well, these are a few of my favorite Christmas albums that I never, ever get tired of.  As a matter of fact, I could probably listen to these all year through.  My people might rebel though!

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Christmas by Michael W. Smith.  Yes, this is an older album.  And yes, you need it!  I think Michael W. Smith is a fine vocalist, but I also think he is extraordinary at arranging and song-writing.  I never tire of his Christmas music.  If you need more convincing, just listen to “All Is Well.”  You don’t just hear this song.  You feel it!

A Christmas Story by Point of Grace. If you like to hear great harmonies, Point of Grace doesn’t disappoint. This is another older album, but nothing on it has gone out of style! “We’re Not That Far From Bethlehem” very sweetly relates Mary and Joseph’s journey to meet the Christ child with our own journeys to do the same. And I’m sorry, but their “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” is still the best I’ve ever heard!


Christmas At Home by Donnie Osmond. Okay. Before you click away because you think I’m totally cheesy, give him a chance. Donnie Osmond actually happens to have a very lovely voice! If nothing else, you need to hear “Come To the Manger.” If there ever was a song that embodied the reason for the season, this is it!


Christmastime by Michael W. Smith.  This Michael W. Smith album is a little newer than the first one I recommended by a few years.  Just by a few though and yet, he still manages to write music that is timeless.  It’s hard for me to pick favorites on this album, but I would have to say “Carols Sing” and the “Christmas Waltz” are at the top of my list!


Wish List:

A Family Christmas by The Piano Guys.  What’s not to love about The Piano Guys?  C’mon, really.  They are simply that amazing!  Weirdly enough, I don’t own any of their albums.  I think it’s time to remedy that!


Christmas Favorites by the Vienna Boys Choir.  There is just something about the sweetness and purity of a child’s voice.  Some songs are just meant to be sung that way.  I’ve loved the Vienna Boys Choir since the first time I saw them perform on television many, many years ago.  I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t absolutely adore their Christmas album!

Now it’s your turn.  What are your absolute favorite, can’t-live-without, Christmas albums or songs?

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