Christmas Music Monday: Soothing Sounds of Christmas

To me, there is nothing that can invoke that feeling of Christmas quite like music.  I find that music is a pretty powerful tool for me anyway, but Christmas music brings all of those memories and feelings of goodwill rushing back.  They say that music can soothe the savage beast and I have to believe that is so.  There have been many days, during the holiday season, when listening to music made me feel a lot less frazzled.  Not to mention, it brings me joy!

In honor of those feelings, I am officially declaring every Monday from now until Christmas, “Music Monday”!!  For the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing my favorite Christmas albums and songs with you, as well as a few that are only on my wish list.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Noel by Josh Groban.  What can I really say about Josh Groban that hasn’t already been said?  His voice is like butter.  That might have been already said, but it bears repeating.  This guy has so much talent and not only does he sound fabulous, he collaborates with some other really talented people.  The duet with Brian McKnight alone is worth owning this album.

Peace by Jim Brickman.  If you don’t know who Jim Brickman is, he is an incredibly talented pianist and composer.  I’ve been a fan for many years and I know that he has many other albums that are just as gorgeous as this one.  “Peace” just happens to be my favorite.  This music would pair well with hot chocolate in front of the fireplace…if I had a fireplace!

All I Want For Christmas by Tommy Emmanuel.  Okay.  If you have never heard Tommy Emmanuel, you have totally missed out.  Run, don’t walk, and find everything this guy has ever played.  Buying all of his albums is a great idea, but if you can find a live concert, treat yourself to some tickets.  If you like music just one little bit, I promise you won’t regret it!!  He is just that good.  I’ve never seen anyone have that much fun playing the guitar and he can make that one instrument sound like a band.  He’s amazing I tell you, amazing!!  Okay.  I’ll stop.  Just look him up.  Please!

30/40 Ultimate Collection by Mannheim Steamroller.  Technically, this is not the collection that I have.  What I have is about six different Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums.  This collection would probably be less expensive than buying all of those discs.  Plus, I love greatest hits and compilation albums!  I’d be curious to find anyone who hasn’t heard Mannheim Steamroller.  It’s pretty possible that people have heard them and not been aware of who they are, but the music is definitely out there.  It’s technically New Age, but you can pick up the Classical and Rock bits in the music too!


Wish List:

The Polar Express Soundtrack.  I own this movie, but I still want the soundtrack.  It has some really sweet songs on it and one of them happens to be by Josh Groban.  Ahhhh, Josh Groban.

On a Winter’s Night:  The Songs and Spirit of Christmas by Jim Brickman.  This is new.  I don’t have it.  I will be getting it!!

That’s it for this edition of Christmas Music Monday.  Any of these albums will help get you in the Christmas spirit.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Christmas Music Monday:  Part 1!


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