Christmas Round-Up: Advent Ideas!

Christmas Round-Up: Advent Ideas


The word “advent” means the arrival of a notable person or thing.  As the easiest way of explanation, Christians celebrate the Advent season as a countdown to Jesus’ birth.  I looked up the history of the thing and there were all these facts that led up to an explanation of the 12-Days-of-Christmas, which interestingly enough, was celebrated after Christmas.  Who knew?

However, it is Advent–not the 12-Days–that is my topic today!  I don’t remember having much of an Advent calendar growing up.  I believe we had a couple of those cardboard kinds with the perforated doors that you could tear open and find chocolate.  It wasn’t the finest chocolate, but it did the trick!  I also remember a stand-up cardboard cut out of the Nativity scene that performed as an Advent calendar.  Only it didn’t have chocolate, but little scenes behind the doors.  I’m also not one hundred percent sure that was at our house!!

I’ve been sadly lacking in my ability to produce an Advent that we could all enjoy.  When the kids were small, I had a huge fold-out scene (Mary Engelbreit) with numbers on the doors.  The kids enjoyed that for a while.  Then I bought a fabric wall-hanging with individually numbered pockets that I filled with candy treats.  The kids enjoyed that for a while too.  I think we all got tired of deciding whose turn it was to get the treats out…because they didn’t really care what was in the pockets, just who got to retrieve them!

My goal every year was to have treats, along with some sort of scripture or activity.  I’ve yet to reach that goal and since my children are all grown, I’m not sure they are interested anymore. I did find an idea on Pinterest that I thought would be great to gift a grownup with, so I might make them each one. It was made out of an over-the-door shoe organizer!!

Go check it out: Woodland Inspired Advent Calendar

If you’re interested, there are so many cute tutorials and ideas online.  Also, some very wonderful bloggers have graciously allowed me to share their Advent ideas with you!  So without further adieu, I bring you:


Advent Ideas

Lauren at The Thinking Closet has a great tutorial for an Instagram Photo Advent Calendar.  I think this would appeal to anybody, but I can see it being especially popular with the high school and college set!!  At least, I’m pretty sure my teenagers would love it!



Oh So Savvy Mom, Amy, gets creative with leftover materials to make this upcycled Advent calendar that can be filled with a variety of treats and/or activities!



Melissa at A Virtuous Woman is sharing her printable Advent Scripture Cards.  I think you could get very creative with how you display these…maybe hang them up like Christmas cards?



Coffee with Us 3 also has an inexpensive DIY Advent.  Jamie fills hers with candy, small prizes, and scripture that tells the Christmas story.  And what better story to tell!



Katelyn at What’s Up Fagans has a 25 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar.  Not only does she include a scripture for every day, but there is also a fun activity for the family to enjoy!



I think these are all absolutely fabulous ideas!  The good thing about an Advent calendar is that is more about what it is leading up to than about the actual calendar.  Think of it as a teaser before the main event!

(Please show these sweet ladies some love and check out their blogs.  Also, if you need more ideas, I have a whole Pinterest board full of them right here!)

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  1. Thanks so much for including my Instagram Advent Calendar in the mix; honored by your words, too! (Always love it when my projects come across as “hip” with the youngsters, lol.) Loved the other ideas, too! Off to pin.

    • Lol…you’re hip enough to think up an Instagram calendar, so you’re light years ahead of me!! Thanks again for being part of the round-up!

  2. Awesome ideas! Thanks for including mine. I really do love Advent calendars! I think it helps keep the season magical and looking forward to Christmas day.

    • Thank you for letting me include your calendar! I’m determined to make my own this year. My 13-year-old may be the only who will participate with me, but I’m doing it anyway!

  3. Debra Coleman says

    Love all your stuff, love you too. Mom.