Christmas Scavenger Hunt (Plus, a Printable!)

Christmas Scavenger Hunt


How about a stress-free way to spend the day that will get everyone moving and laughing? Welcome to the Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

I created this Scavenger Hunt last Christmas when we had a rare occasion to get out of town with all three of our (now) grown children. I wanted to do something silly and create some fun photo ops. Much to my surprise, the two people out of four that I thought would get most into this barely participated. That’s okay though. They were sorry when they realized they didn’t read the entire page and missed the part about prizes!!

The items on this list are fairly random. The tasks are a mix of Christmas-related tasks, acts of kindness/service, and pure silliness! Some of the tasks involve photos, but it would actually make a great video challenge.

Here is the complete Scavenger Hunt list. Click here (Christmas Scavenger Hunt ) for a printable version!


Christmas Scavenger Hunt

  1. Have your picture with Santa. Bonus points if you sit in his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas.
  2. Wear a Santa Hat for more than 5 minutes
  3. Tell someone that you are an elf. Bonus points if you introduce yourself as Whipper Jingleberry, Nipper Picklepants, or another fantastic elf name!
  4. Group photo in front of the biggest Christmas tree you can find
  5. Sing Christmas carols in public. Bonus points if a stranger joins in.
  6. Photo with a large inflatable snow globe
  7. Give candy canes to strangers
  8. Go into a store and sing: “I’m singing. I’m in store and I’m siiiiiinnnnggging!!!”
  9. Group hug with your siblings or parents
  10. Hold hands and skip across the parking lot
  11. Take a family “ussie” and post it on social media
  12. Thank a police officer who is not related to you
  13. Photo with a ginormous toy
  14. Find a live “Santa” and ask him about Mrs. Claus
  15. Picture of a Nativity Scene. Say a little prayer of gratitude while you’re there.
  16. Say “naughty” or “nice” when random people walk by
  17. Take photo of someone in an “ugly” Christmas sweater
  18. Shake hands with a statue or mannequin
  19. Put money in a vending machine and leave
  20. Hop across a pedestrian cross walk
  21. Picture of you snuggled up close to a snowman
  22. Talk to someone in a fake accent
  23. Introduce yourself to a stranger
  24. Collect a coupon to the most random place you can find
  25. Find someone wearing a Veteran’s hat and thank them for their service. Bonus points if they will take a photo with you.
  26. Ask for crayons at a restaurant
  27. Hug Mom and tell her you love her
  28. Picture of something you’d love to have for Christmas (no matter what it is)
  29. Leave your name as Santa or Claus at a restaurant hostess stand
  30. Pretend to be on the phone with Santa if you see someone acting bad

Points: 100 possible points

Each task is worth 2 points. Bonus points are worth 10 each.

Prize: A gift card of a certain amount to a particular store and your very own pack of Oreos!


That’s all there is to it. Award prizes that will appeal to your group and your budget. I chose a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a pack of Oreos because I know that my husband and kids enjoy those things. Prizes really aren’t necessary at all…but they do make things fun!

Make sure to share this with your family and friends. And let me know how it works out for you!!





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