Christmas Time Is Coming!!

Do you know what time it is?!?

I know, I know…we haven’t exactly made it through Thanksgiving yet, but I’m a little excited.

Christmas time is coming!!


To be completely truthful, I’m a little bit behind with everything Christmas. I had big plans to have everything decorated, all shopping finished, and parties/events organized. Nope. Not done.

Actually, I started a painting project last week that still isn’t finished and we are having a new heat/air unit put in as we speak. Fun times. (And thus the reason for no decorations.)

I like to change things up every year (while still using stuff I already own), so I’ve been looking for a little inspiration. Just in case you do the same, I thought I would share a few of my That One Mom favorites from years past!

Here are a few of my favorite things…

First, I have to show you my little snowman. My sweet Momma sculpted and painted him. It just makes my heart happy to look at him because he’s so stinking cute!!

You can find a few more of the things she’s made for me in this post. She’s incredibly talented!!

Use what you have…

I seriously love to decorate and even though I’m no professional, I think I do a pretty decent job with what I have! My favorite place to decorate is actually in the hallway where we built on to our house. It’s an awkward space and it just begs to be filled with something pretty!!

We live in my husband’s grandparents’ house and when we moved in there was a Hoosier cabinet still here. It’s starting to fall apart, but I absolutely love that thing! It stays in the hall now and I use it to decorate for different holidays and as a place to display family photos.

Here are a few ways it has been decorated for Christmas:

Christmas All Through the House 2017


Decorate all the things…

There are plenty of little spaces in this house that benefit from decorating. I honestly feel sad when I take the Christmas decorations down because it looks so “blah” when they’re gone!


Christmas All Through the House 2017


This typewriter actually belongs to my youngest child. She loves anything antique or that has a vintage feel. This little gem was found it at a flea market in Nashville. She was nice enough to let me decorate with it, but gave me a lecture over what she would do if she found fake pine needles down in it. Geez…bossy!

Christmas All Through the House 2017


My kitchen windows are strange to say the least and I am not at all in love with the light fixture above them, but I work around it. I’d really like to have a display of miniature kitchen utensils (maybe an entire tree?), but so far the spoon, a wire whisk, and the rolling pin are all I’ve got! The rolling pin came from a little kitchen set and my daughter was going to get rid of it. Yeah, I filched it out of the yard sale pile. I have no shame!

Christmas All Through the House 2017


Someday I will have built in shelves in my kitchen, but for now the ones I have will do. I keep trying to get rid of cookbooks (there are more here than what you can see in that picture), but I just keep adding to the collection. I love to mix decorations in with things I’ll be using. FYI: Candy canes and peppermints make excellent Christmas decorations in the kitchen!!


There are three shelves in the living room that get decorated every year. This quilt rack one is my favorite! It’s another goody that my Momma gave me and I use it year round to display photos.


This coat rack hangs just inside the front door. From the end of November until Christmas Day, people are forbidden to hang their coats on it because that’s where the stockings go!!


Here is another living room shelf. Check out my gourds–yep, my Momma!!!


I adore my Willow Tree Nativity, but my husband can’t stand it. I see the beauty in the simplicity of it and he wants to paint faces on them all! He’s no artist, so I shudder to think what that would look like. They are staying as is!


I love my kitchen Santa. That’s actually a chalkboard he’s holding, but I got tired of accidentally wiping the chalk off every time I moved him, so I used puffy stickers instead!!

Last, but not least, is my Joy basket. One of my very best friends bought me the basket and matching chalkboard at a fundraising auction one year. It’s been part of my Christmas décor ever since!

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Christmas? I’d love to see pictures! Leave me a comment or share them with me on Facebook!

For more Christmas ideas, check out my Everything Holiday & DIY page and Christmas All Through the House 2017. More ideas will be coming soon!!!

Christmas Time Is Coming


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  1. I love your Christmas decorations!! They just make me HAPPY! Thank you for sharing at the Most Popular Blog Post Contest!