Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 1: Pick 10 Things and Start a “Goodbye” Pile!

Today is the official start of the Clear the Clutter Challenge.  The challenge for today is to find ten things that you are willing to sell or giveaway.  We are going to call it our “Goodbye Pile.”  That shouldn’t be too hard, right?!?

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 1: Pick 10 Things and Start a "Goodbye" Pile!

Honestly, we already have quite a stash of things I am planning on getting rid of.  I also have a goal of how much stuff I want out of the house and how much money I want to make before this year is over.  (It’s an insanely huge amount by the way…dream big!)  I decided to share this goal with my daughter and she is so super-excited that she has started cleaning out her room herself.  Maybe I should’ve thought of this sooner.  ; )

To Do:

  • Find 10 things you are willing to part with–this could be anything in your house.
  • Let yourself let go.

I think a big part of this challenge is letting yourself “let go.”  I know that’s a problem I’ve had for a long time, but I’m ready to let things go and trade them for experiences with my loved ones instead.  It’s hard to enjoy life when you feel like you’re sinking to the bottom and the clutter is piling in on top of you.

I will be working on it a little every day.  Hopefully, I can complete the daily challenge and then some.  My plans to get rid of things include yard sales, flea market sales, offering it on social media, offering free stuff to family and friends, donating to local charities/nonprofits, and throwing it out!

I found 10 new things to add to my “goodbye” pile and my sister has already taken one of them off of my hands.  I’d call that progress!  It doesn’t sound like much right now, but just like it added up coming in, it will all add up going out.  Let’s just hope it adds up enough to pay some bills and send me on a nice, relaxing vacation!!

Do you have ten things you could sell or give away?  Do you have tons of clutter taking time away from life that you should be enjoying instead?  Tell me how you’re “Clearing the Clutter” in your life and join the Challenge today!!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 1: Pick 10 Things and Start a "Goodbye" Pile!